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Brigaders (14+yrs)

Be challenged in faith, in sports, in service, in mission

Brigaders (14+yrs)

This is the most senior section in GB.  Brigaders get a say in choosing what they want to do at GB. Brigader girls like catching up with friends at GB, and getting away from coursework, mock exams, parents, siblings, clothes, makeup, boys ... Lifelong friends are made in GB, which gives girls an opportunity to chat about their concerns with friends and leaders who are really interested.  GB is a safe place for girls to be girls with no pressure on looks, ability, background etc. 

Activities may differ from company to company but here's the kind of thing many Brigaders get involved in at GB:

  • Our Sections
  • Scripture Course
  • GEMS
  • Our Awards
  • Mission Opportunities
  • Useful Links


Girls in the Brigader section work towards attaining their Brigader Brooch. The Brigader Brooch is attained after a minimum of 3 years, after a girl has been awarded her 3 Brigader Triangles.

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In Girls' Brigade we wear uniform because it enables equality and promotes a sense of belonging - all the girls look the same irrespective of background.

All items of uniform may be purchased from our walk in shop at GBHQ.  Uniform can also be ordered from our online shop.

Brigader Uniform

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Queens award, Bridader Brooch, Duke of Edinburgh...

Scripture Courses

Queens award, Bridader Brooch, Duke of Edinburgh...


Queens award, Bridader Brooch, Duke of Edinburgh...