Our Structure

Girls’ Brigade NI is a company limited by guarantee, which exists to promote, extend and maintain the ministry of GB, to the glory of God.  

GBNI is the largest uniformed youth organisation in Northern Ireland.  There are currently 269 GB companies affiliated with GBNI, providing weekly activities to almost 18,000 members.


There are three tiers to our structure: company, district and NI level.  The functions and responsibilities of each tier are summarised in this section.  Click here to view our organisational chart.

Company Level

Company membership includes teams of voluntary leaders, selected by the local Church through their recruitment procedures, and girls from 3 - 18 years old.


As GBNI works in partnership with local churches, we follow a Common Protocol for Churches that relates to Independent Organisations working with children and young people.


A typical leadership team in GB would consist of the following roles:

  • Chaplain – The highest ranking Officer who is responsible for the overall spiritual and pastoral leadership of the company affiliated to his/her church/mission.

  • Captain – A Commissioned Officer of at least 20 years of age and a committed Christian.  She is appointed by the church to coordinate, plan and lead the work of the company.

  • Officers – A Commissioned Officer of at least 18 years of age and a committed Christian.  She is appointed by the church and is responsible for delivering a programme suitable for the members in her care.

  • Sub-Officers – A young leader of at least 16 years of age, appointed by the church to provide practical help with younger girls in the company.

  • Associate Leaders/Members – A Non-Commissioned Leader of at least 18 years of age, appointed by the church to assist in the supervision and leadership of its members.

District Level 

Companies are grouped together in local areas to form districts that are governed by a District Executive.  The District Executive is made up of a representative from each company and is coordinated by an officer in charge called a Commissioner, supported by others including an Assistant Commissioner, Secretary and Treasurer. They run the district, providing activities and events for girls and leaders eg. training, praise services, competitions, prayer and fun days; where they can meet, have fun, compete and share friendship and fellowship. Districts elect officers to represent the views of members in that District on NI level decision making teams. 

To find out more about your district and who currently represents you on the District Executive, speak with your Company Captain.  They have access to the up to date district information that is available to view on the 'District Info' section within the GBNI WebFiling.

There are currently 15 districts in Northern Ireland:

District 1. Castlewood

District 2. Shaftesbury

District 3. Cavehill

District 4. Ards

District 5. Strangford and Mourne

District 6. Lagan

District 7. Mid-Ulster

District 8. Glenabbey

District 9. East Antrim

District 10. North Antrim

District 11. North West

District 12. West Ulster

District 13. Riada

District 14. Bann

District 15. Lough Neagh

Northern Ireland Level 

Girls' Brigade NI is led by volunteers for volunteers.  Two representatives are elected from each district to 'GBNI Brigade Council'.  Brigade Council meets three times each year providing leadership, strategic direction, fellowship, training and decision-making regarding the ministry of GBNI.  As the Council is made up of two representatives from each Girls' Brigade District, the views and opinions of local members are channelled directly to the decision makers in the organisation.


While the Brigade Council provide leadership and vision for the organisation, it entrusts the policy formation and the management of GBNI to the Trustee Board.  The GBNI Trustee Board is an elected body whose purpose is to provide governance to the organisation.  Collectively, Trustee members meet every six weeks, making decisions about the overall strategic direction of the organisation; ensuring that resources and property are effectively managed to meet its Aims and Objectives; abides by the organisation’s governing document; and finally, ensures that staff and volunteers provide effective organisational services which meets the needs of members.  Click here for our current Office Bearers.


For practical reasons, the Executive works with sub-groups that are set up to focus on various aspects of Girls' Brigade work.  These include Queen's Award, Spiritual, Training, Activities, PE, Duke of Edinburgh's Award, and Programme Teams. These Teams meet regularly throughout the year providing a valuable service to all GB companies.  GB leaders are nominated onto these subgroups by their districts.

GBNI Headquarters 

GB Headquarters is managed by the National Secretary, who leads the staff team to deliver a variety of services to the membership.  Services including supplies, resources, administrative support, training, organising NI Level events and Award programmes. Click here for more details about Our Headquarters and to meet the Staff Team.  

Girls' Brigade Europe                                 GB_Europe_Logo.jpg

dscn0236.jpg        FIZZ-2.jpg

GB Europe is the part of the Girls’ Brigade family made up of England & Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.  The Fellowship has some 50,000 members and is working in over 1,101 companies.

The Fellowship Executive meets twice a year and is made up of Chairman (International Vice President), Vice Chairman, Youth Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Director/National Secretary of each country, National Chair/President of each country and two Youth Representatives.

For more details visit the Girls' Brigade Europe website.

GBNI Europe Executive Representatives

  • Isobel McKane, GBNI President
  • Gail Clarke, GBNI National Secretary
  • Melissa Meldrum, GBNI Europe Youth Representative
  • Lauren Cull, GBNI Europe Youth Representative

Girls' Brigade International                         GBI-logo.png

Worldwide there are now over 3,000 GB companies with over 126,000 girls and young women meeting and discovering Jesus week by week through the work of The Girls' Brigade.

Girls' Brigade is working in 47 countries and islands around the world, each working towards the same aim. Girls' Brigade around the world is organised into groupings called 'Fellowships'.  


There are five Fellowships:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Americas/Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Pacific

Each fellowship is responsible for the development and administration of GB in its own geographical area.  The leadership teams in each country and fellowship discern for themselves how God is leading them, in response to the worldwide vision and aims.  This ensures that GB remains focused on its purpose as a Christian mission, culturally and contextually sensitive to the local area. Representatives from each fellowship, together with the International President and Treasurer, form The International President’s Committee who have the responsibility of the work of The Girls’ Brigade International (GBI).  The President’s Committee meets annually to hear about, steer and respond to the challenges and growth of GB’s mission work in God’s world. Representatives of all countries meet once every four years at a meeting called the International Conference of Girls’ Brigade (ICGB).

For more details visit the Girls' Brigade International website.