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Choose a Relevant, Dynamic & Christ-centred youth organisation for your church!


Does your church want to ...

  • Deliver lively, relevant and engaging Bible teaching programmes for 3 - 18 year olds?
  • Enable girls in your community to discover Jesus?
  • Provide a place for girls to link life and faith?
  • Reach out to the local community?
  • Connect with families?
  • Provide space to nurture your emerging leaders?
  • Gain a vibrant youth community?

Girls' Brigade can do all this plus more.  Make it your GB - using a flexible model for your church vision!


A GB company is very much an integral part of the local church.  GB should play a part in the overall youth and children's ministry work and outreach programme of your church.  A growing number of girls in GB come from families with no church connection; GB offers local churches a wonderful opportunity for outreach.  The church leadership has ultimate responsibility for the operation of the GB in your church and you should manage it in the same way as you manage any of your other youth groups.


Support and resources are available to your church from GBNI

  • Prayer support through our network of prayer co-ordinators;
  • Training and support for GB Officers and helpers;
  • Network of support from volunteers within 15 regional Districts;
  • Tailor made scripture resources:
    • New material annually,
    • Relevant and meaningful Christian teaching for girls, and
    • Non-exam resources for assessing understanding and application e.g. table quizzes, board games, personal journals.
  • Programme resources that are age-appropriate for each section within the company;
  • Access to information and resources via the Girls' Brigade NI website;
  • Supplies and resources from our online shop;
  • Inter-Company and inter-District events and activities, including competitive and non-competitive events;
  • Policies and guidance (eg. disability, anti-bullying, child protection, alcohol and other drug education); and
  • Marketing and communication support:
    • Regular newsletters, E-news, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram posts
    • GBNI website with free resource downloads,
    • PR in local and regional press & Church journals,
    • Publicity and recruitment material.



Girls' Brigade NI is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our members so that they can participate in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.  We work alongside your church to ensure that good, safe procedures are in place in GB companies and in particular that sound recruitment procedures are in place.  Please click here for a full list of our policies that are currently in place to keep all of our girls safe in GB.


Church responsibilities


GBNI works in partnership with Churches and Missions to help girls discover God.  We are here to help you in your ministry among young people.  Girls' Brigade is a resource that can be customised to suit your church and local community.  The leadership of your church has ultimate responsibility for the operation of its GB company.

The church has direct responsibility for:

  • Leadership and overall management - ensuring that the company is operating in a manner that complies with the church and GB aims and vision, ensuring legal responsibilities are met, management of company finances, appointment of suitable leaders, and managing the leadership team of Captain, Officers, Sub-Officers and helpers.
  • Pastoral support - for the leadership team, children and young people; prayer support; encouraging and motivating leaders; dealing with sensitive issues; nurturing the spiritual health of the company.
  • Premises - suitable for the number of children/young people taking part and the activities they will engage in.
  • Health and Safety - risk assessment of the premises where the company meets and for the health and safety of those attending the company.  Providing a safe environment with provision of; fire safety regulations, first aid, maintained facilities and COVID-19 Guidelines.
  • Insurance - adequate insurance cover in addition to the insurance provided by GBNI.
  • Child Protection - ensuring that a Child Protection Policy and suitable procedures are in place to report concerns to the Church Designated Child Protection Officer.  Alongside ensuring that all leaders hold a valid AccessNI Enhanced Disclosure Certificate and hold up to date Child Protection Training.  


  • Ask us to come meet with you for an informal chat or arrange to come to GBHQ to find out more about us.
  • Book an information presentation evening for your church leadership.
  • GBNI will arrange training and support for new leaders.
  • GBNI will help you to promote and recruit leaders and girls for your new GB company.
Contact, T: 028 9454 8054

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