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GBNI Youth Forum

GBNI Youth Forum for girls aged 14-25 to encourage youth led decision-making within the organisation!



'We're not keeping this to ourselves, we're passing it along to the next generation - God's fame and fortune, the marvellous things He has done.' Psalm 78:4 (The Message)


What is the GBNI Youth Forum?

Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland is committed to delivering effective, inclusive youth work and recognises the way to do this is through youth-led decision-making. 
This forum is a network for the young women and young leaders of GBNI to find: fellowship with others, encouragement and support as they grow in their faith, explore opportunities to use their gifts and talents through service and to be the voice for the future of GBNI.


Girls' Brigade Youth Form are committed to:​

  • Reaching out to girls with the Gospel;
  • Following the Motto of Girls' Brigade - to 'Seek, Serve and Follow Christ' in everything we do;
  • Listening to the voices and opinions of our girls in order to help shape and build the future of GBNI.
  • Actively assisting the leadership of Girls' Brigade as they seek to extend His Kingdom; and
  • Creating opportunities to have fun and fellowship together, use the gifts God has given each girl to serve and grow in their personal walk with God.


Who we are?

  • Every girl and young woman between 14-25 years of age is part of the Youth Forum.  
  • The Youth Forum leadership is a group of young leaders aged 18-25, who act on behalf of every member to help their voice contribute to GBNI decisions.  
  • Each district can appoint two District Youth Representatives.
  • Furthermore, our GBNI Board of Trustees can appoint up to three young women to act as an Trustee Board Youth Representative on the GBNI Board of Trustees.


Current GBNI Youth Forum Trustee Board Representatives: 


YFMelissa-MeldrumWEB.png  Melissa Meldrum – Metropolitan Tabernacle GB


What do you love about the GBNI Youth Forum?

'I love that girls and young women are given the chance to have a voice on matters relating to them, but also that their voices and opinions are listened to and acted upon, if feasible.  I love being part of the big picture and seeing girls get on fire for Christ and want to share that with other girls and young women within the GB family.'

YFLauren-CullWEB-(1).png   Lauren Cull – Trinity Presbyterian, Ahoghill GB


Why should others come and join us?

'The GBNI Youth Forum is a great way to meet other young women across Northern Ireland and to be the voice of Girls’ Brigade.  If you’re interested in reaching others with the Gospel and being part of decision making for Girls’ Brigade we’d love you to join!'


Logo circle.png   Kathryn Orr – Glenwherry Presbyterian GB


Why is it important that our young people are involved in the future planning of Girls’ Brigade?

'Young people, you are the future generations of our organisation.  Your voice matters and your input is key to the future development and continuation of GB.  Your involvement ensures GB  provides and meets your needs as the world is which we are living constantly changes and how we reach girls with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  The Youth Forum wants to hear you, what your thoughts are, how we can provide opportunities for you to meet others, to learn and to grow in Christ – and we are excited to be able to get you involved!'

What we do?


The Youth Forum provides many opportunities for girls and young leaders to meet others from different companies, serve and grow in their faith. 

Some of the opportunities we have been involved in, include:

  • Company/District Road Shows
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Worship Nights 
  • Prayer and Celebration Events 
  • Magazines/Resources

More new and exciting opportunities to come…

IMG_5482.JPG   Nov-Newsletter2.JPG


Join Us!

Reaching Out

GBNI Youth Forum is for all girls and young leaders aged 14-25, we are always looking for new and effective ways to reach all girls in GBNI to assess their needs and opinions.  We have our own Facebook and Instagram pages and an online blog.  If you haven’t already, make sure you 'like' our Facebook page, and ‘follow’ and ‘share’ our Instagram page and encourage your girls to do the same.  This is the best way to stay up to date with what’s happening, share comments, thoughts and ideas.

Contact us

For more information:
·       Email youthforum@gbni.co.uk;
·       Contact your District Youth Forum Representatives;
·       Give GBHQ a call on 028 9454 8054 (press option 2); or
·       Leave us a comment on our blog.
·       Follow us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/gbniyouthforum
·       Follow us on Instagram - @gbniyouthforum

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