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In Girls’ Brigade we rely on our incredible team of volunteers to provide the range and quality of activities that we seek to offer girls within our local communities.

Girls' Brigade NI would like to express our deep gratitude for all the time, energy and passion that our leaders freely give week after week, year after year to serve in GB to raise hope in the lives of so many girls and young women in Northern Ireland and further afield.  We are so thankful for their commitment to continually reached out to girls and young women to share the gospel and help make a difference to each of their lives.

Leadership roles in GB

In Girls’ Brigade NI, we have a number of leadership roles available.   Leaders are all volunteers appointed by the local church following their recruitment procedures to fulfil the following roles and the responsibilities that come with each position:

  • Chaplain
  • Captain
  • Officer
  • Sub-Officer
  • Associate Leader/Member

Click here for further details on each of these roles or alternatively see the GBNI Safeguarding Pack in the Leaders’ Section for full job descriptions.

Leadership Skills

We all have different skills and abilities.  It is important to look at those gifts and see how we can apply them within the context of GB so that we may fruitfully serve God.

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Training for Leaders

GBNI provides a wide range of in-house training and workshops to assist its volunteers.  It also provides a bespoke Officer and Sub-Officer training course. 

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Recruitment of New Leaders

GBNI provides guidelines to local companies on recruiting new leaders.  Ensuring consistency across all GB companies.

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Leaders' Awards

Once the Brigader Brooch is awarded and young people move into leadership, they no longer complete badgework to gain badges.  All leadership roles gain awards for their service/attendance.  Badges will vary depending on leadership role.

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Leaders' Uniform

In Girls' Brigade we wear uniform because it enables equality and promotes a sense of belonging. We provide different uniform for the various leadership roles in GB. All items of uniform may be purchased from our walk in shop at GBHQ. Uniform can also be ordered from our online shop.

Officer Uniform

Sub-Officer Uniform

Associate Uniform


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