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Are you looking for a fun youth organisation for your daughter?


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Then why not check out your local Girls’ Brigade company as we offer a full range of enjoyable activities that cater for all girls. 

Our varied programme is designed to educate, challenge and inspire, as well as provide Christian teaching that is relevant and meaningful to girls today.   We help them work towards badges in four key areas - spiritual, physical, educational and service.  Weekly activities include Bible teaching, games, craft, drama, singing and helping others. Girls can also take part in camps, DofE Award and young leadership training. Awards can be achieved for regular attendance at company nights.

All our GB companies meet on a weekly basis outside school hours usually in the evenings from September to April/May each year.  Each company has trained friendly female volunteers that are there to support and encourage your daughter whilst at GB.  We are based in 269 local churches or missions across Northern Ireland.  It is not necessary to be a member of the local church or mission to join a GB company; although we would welcome you and your family to come along to Sunday services and get involved in other church activities.

Girls are grouped into sections according to age:


How to Join

Girls can join GB at any time but the best time is always at the start of a new session in September. Click here to find your local GB company where you can view general details about the GB company including meeting day and running times.  Feel free to make contact with the Company Captain using their @gbni email address or just call in on their meeting night and they will be happy to tell you all about their GB company and the programme they have planned for this coming GB session.



Each GB company is led by a female volunteer from the church/mission, referred to as the Captain. She will have several other female leaders to help her, who may be in charge of a particular age group, referred to as Officers.  Each company may also have some additional female helpers who work under the supervision of the Captain or an Officer.  Each company also has a company Chaplain.  Usually this will be the minister/pastor of the church/mission.  The Chaplain is the most senior Officer in the company and must approve all nominations for leadership training.

To become a Captain or Commissioned Officer in GB each leader must undergo comprehensive training certified by GBHQ, in areas such as Child Protection, programme planning, leadership skills, practical skills, safety etc.  There is also ongoing training for Captains and Officers in programme areas such as sport, craft, drama, camp leadership, music, modern dance, etc.

All leaders must hold a valid AccessNI Enhanced Disclosure Certificate and up to date Child Protection Training (renewed every three years).  

The local church/mission provides:

  • Leadership and Overall Management
  • Premises
  • Insurance
  • Pastoral support
  • Financial support

The Cost

Each GB Company pays a subscription per member to GBHQ each year, currently this is just over £13.50 per girl per year.  Parents may be asked by the GB Company to make a contribution towards this by giving a small weekly donation, and/or a one-off amount at the start of the year.  Every February GB companies may run a collection week to increase GB funds, this is known as "GB Week", where each girl is supplied with a collection card to gather donations from friends and family.  Some Companies also do some fundraising during the year either for company funds or for a local charity which parents are asked to support.   Details of the cost of membership may vary and can be found by emailing the company direct using the contact details in the Find a Company section of this website. 


The girls wear a distinctive uniform that promotes a sense of belonging, equality and identity.  Each section in the GB has its own uniform.  All items of uniform may be purchased from our walk in shop at GBHQ.  Uniform can also be ordered from our online shop.  Provision for uniform varies from Company to Company.  Some operate a uniform lending system for a nominal charge.   Go to our Uniform Page and view the official uniform required for each section.

Why send your daughter to GB?

GB has a lot to offer as it is a safe caring, nurturing place where girls can just be girls and:

  • Discover God and the relevance of the bible today;
  • Find creative, sporting talents, and enter competitions;
  • Have fun in a safe and caring environment;
  • Make lifelong friends;
  • Build confidence and self esteem;
  • Develop practical skills and life skills;
  • Escape from the pressures of school;
  • Find a place where girls can be girls;
  • Find a sense of belonging; and
  • Gain access to the Duke of Edinburgh's and other awards.

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Girls’ Brigade NI (GBNI) is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our members so that they can participate in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.

GBNI and the local church provide training to volunteers and staff on child protection issues and share information about good practice on an on-going basis.  Ensuring that volunteers and staff are clear about what steps to take where concerns arise regarding the safety of children/young people.

GBNI works with local churches to ensure that good, safe procedures are in place in GB companies and in particular that sound recruitment procedures are in place.  We also work in partnership with parents/carers and/or other professionals to ensure the protection of children/young people and vulnerable adults.  All volunteers and staff in GBNI are expected to be fully vetted for their roles within the organisation.

GBNI works alongside its volunteers and staff to minimise the risks to children/young people by sharing information and issuing guidance on safe practice.  For a full list of our current policies and procedures and downloadable information leaflets for parents, visit Our Policies page on this site.   

If you would like to report a concern, you can either speak directly with your Church Designated Child Protection Officer or you can contact our GBNI Designated Child Protection Officer by calling 028 9454 8054.

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