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Use your gifts to serve others.

The key to the success of any organisation is it's people and Girls’ Brigade is no exception. 
Our leaders need to be equipped and nurtured to develop their gifts and abilities to their full
potential.  Leaders in Girls’ Brigade have a vital role in achieving the aim of the organisation
and can have a great influence on the spiritual development of girls and young people. 

Why volunteer with Girls' Brigade?

  • Serve God on a weekly basis;
  • Share your faith and love for Christ;
  • Influence girls for Christ;
  • Join in with other volunteers and make life long friends;
  • Use your skills and gifts to educate and support girls;
  • Receive training and improve your leadership ability; and
  • Connect with girls within your community.

Types of Leadership roles in GB:

Leaders are all volunteers appointed by the local church following their recruitment procedures.  

All of the following roles are  regarded as ‘regulated positions’ and therefore subject to the necessary Enhanced Disclosure Checks with AccessNI:

  • Chaplain  - is responsible for the overall spiritual and pastoral leadership of the company affiliated to his/her church/mission. He/she is responsible to the leadership body of the church and may be an ordained Minister, Deaconess or other person appointed by the governing body of the church/mission. The Chaplain is the highest ranking Officer in the company.
  • Captain - is a Commissioned Officer of at least 20 years of age and a committed Christian, appointed by the church and trained by Girls’ Brigade.  She is responsible to the Chaplain and is responsible for all members in the company.  The Captain’s main role is to coordinate, plan and lead the work of the company.
  • Officers - A Commissioned Officer is a committed Christian of at least 18 years of age and appointed by the church and trained by Girls’ Brigade. She is responsible to the Captain and responsible for members appointed to her care by the Captain.  An Officer’s main role is to assist and support the Captain in the running of the company.
  • Sub-Officers - A Sub-Officer is a young leader of at least 16 years of age, appointed by the church and trained by Girls’ Brigade. She is responsible to the Captain and her role is to provide practical help with the younger girls in the company and to act as a link between girls and Officers.
  • Associate Leaders/Members - An Associate is at least 18 years old, appointed and trained, if applicable, by the church. The role is flexible and could include leadership/supervision duties or it can be a participative role for young people who are not ready or interested in leadership but who wish to remain associated with their GB company.

If you are interested in volunteering with your local GB company, please make contact with the Company Captain or Chaplain.  Please use our Find a Company search bar below to further details.

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