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Why should I join a GB company?

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Girls’ Brigade is a fun and exciting youth organisation that provides a full range of enjoyable activities that cater for all girls aged 3 - 18 years. It is a great place to meet life-long friends and encourage girls to be more confident and free to be themselves.

Our GB companies operate a varied programme through the GB Session that suits all girls. This helps them to work towards badges in four key areas - spiritual, physical, educational and service.  Weekly activities include Bible teaching, games, crafts, drama, singing and helping others.  Girls can also take part in camps, DofE Award and young leadership training.  Awards can be achieved for regular attendance at company nights.

In Girls' Brigade you will also:

  • Learn to seek, serve and follow Christ;
  • Grow your faith, and find answers;
  • Build self-esteem;
  • Discover new gifts and skills;
  • Get creative;
  • Be part of a team;
  • Be safe, valued and have fun; and
  • Be challenged and achieve!

Child Protection

In Girls' Brigade NI we are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our members so that you can participate in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.

When joining a GB you should feel safe.  If you are worried or upset about anything, please talk to a leader.  You can also talk to your GB Company’s Child Protection Officer.  Check the GB noticeboard in your local church to find out their details.   

You can read Our Policies for further information.

What an opportunity!

All of our GB companies meet weekly outside school hours usually in the evenings from September to April/May each year.  Each company has trained friendly female volunteers who are there to support and encourage you whilst at GB.  We are based in 269 local churches or missions across Northern Ireland.  It is not necessary to be a member of the local church or mission to join a GB company; although we would welcome you and your family to come along to Sunday services and encourage you to get involved in other church activities.

You can join GB at any time but the best time is always at the start of a new session in September.  Click here to find your local GB company and feel free to make contact with the Company Captain or just call in on their meeting night and they will be happy to tell you all about their GB company and the programme they have planned for this coming GB session.

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