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GB can help you reach girls and their families within your local community.
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We aim to work in close partnership with our churches/missions so that together we can encourage girls aged 3 - 18 to seek, serve and follow Christ.  We want GB to work for your church and to integrate completely with your entire youth and children's ministry programmes and overall church outreach and mission plans.

Girls' Brigade has a long heritage of Christian witness in NI.  We want to make sure that this legacy continues but in an ever evolving way, embracing relevant ways to reach each new generation.

Perhaps there is something you would like to see different in GB?


We want GB to be a flexible model to work for your church, in your local area.  We are here to listen to your needs.  Contact the GBNI National Secretary if you have any queries or suggestions on how we can support you further..

Our vision in GBNI is to be a relevant dynamic, Christ-centred organisation, reaching out to all girls to value, nurture and equip them for life.


The GB programme should be balanced and include Spiritual - Bible teaching, Physical - sports, dance and team games, Educational - badgework topics and Service - in church and community.

All companies must allocate enough 'time out' during their GB evening for the teaching of God's word using our GB Scripture Courses.  In recent years we have worked very hard to ensure our Bible teaching material is scripturally faithful and presented in a lively, modern, relevant way to our girls. There is enough material in this resource for Bible class each week of the GB session.  Click here to read more about our current GB Scripture Course.

The GB Chaplain's Role

  • Qualifications:
    An ordained minister, deaconess, elder or other commissioned church/mission worker.
  • Responsible to: 
    The church oversight.
  • Responsible for:
    Overall spiritual and pastoral oversight of the company.
  • Seniority: 
    The Chaplain is the most senior officer in the GB company.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Ensure that the company promotes the Aim of The Girls' Brigade which is 'To help girls to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and through self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility, to find true enrichment of life.'
  • Appointment and interview of new GB leaders (Officers, Sub-Officers and helpers) in consultation with the church/mission over-sight and the Company Captain.
  • Support the leaders in their work and offer pastoral support to them on behalf of the church/mission.
  • Provide a link between the church/mission and promote teamwork among all involved.
  • Attend GB leadership meetings as appropriate, and be fully involved in the decision making processes of the company.
  • Visit the company when possible to support, encourage and to get to know the members. Chaplains often take the weekly bible classes.
  • Offer advice on the worship and Christian education material used in each of the sections of the company.
  • Advise and provide information for the Captain and Officers regarding church/ mission policies and procedures regarding Child Protection, Drug Abuse, Health & Safety etc and ensure that all leaders are complying with those procedures.
  • Check Insurance cover: In brief, GBNI central insurance covers leaders, including leaders' indemnity, helpers, girls involved in all regular GB activities and the church needs insurance for the premises.
  • On behalf of the church, ensure that the company is operating within financial limits and that property is adequately maintained and meets Health & Safety standards.

Chaplains' Manual - Guide to Managing your Company' is a handbook for GB Chaplains and is available to purchase from our shop at GBHQ.  Alternatively, it is available to order online from our online shop in the GBNI Publications section priced £3.00. One complimentary copy had been previously distributed to each GB Chaplain.  Click here to download and view a copy online.


Complaints Procedure


Click here to view our Complaints Procedure for advice and guidance if a complaint arises in your company.

Free Resources!


GBNI Chaplains can access our full range of free resources, make online bookings, download paperwork and join our e-news mailing list from the Leaders' Section.  You have to register once to use this part of the website, and thereafter access it by using your registered email address and selected password.

GB Enrolment Service


It is usual practice for the church to hold a Service of Enrolment and Dedication each Autumn.  The service should include a time for members to renew their promises to serve God in the company; time to praise God and to ask for His help and strength.  The service can include readings, songs, prayers or a drama.


The Enrolment Service is often a time when leaders and girls want to look their best with a lot of effort put into uniforms and how the company presents itself in public.  However, the focus must be on God and glorifying His name.  Parading at this service is optional.


An Enrolment Service should be held annually before 15th December.  It is usual for the Chaplain to enrol the company.


New companies must be affiliated prior to enrolment and have met at least ten weeks prior to holding an Enrolment Service.  An existing company should meet at least a month before being enrolled. 

Click here to view the Act of Enrolment.

Interested in starting GB in your church?


If you are a minister/pastor/church leader and currently do not have a GB company in your church/mission please click here to find out how to start GB in your church.

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