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Scripture Course

A vital resource that encourages girls in their journey of faith and enables them to be better disciples of Jesus.

Scripture Course

In 1893, Margaret Lyttle formed the Girls’ Brigade in Dublin with the aim being 'the extension of Christ’s Kingdom among girls.'  125 years later our aim has not changed.  Encouraging and discipling girls to seek, serve and follow Christ is very much at the core of what we strive to do.


Ordering the Course Materials


Details are announced in the GBNI newsletter and can be purchased by our leaders online. Deadline for orders is usually around the start of June each year.  Orders are available for collection/courier from mid August – this date is also announced in the June GBNI newsletter.

A small overstock of the various elements of the course is listed in the online shop from September onwards for companies who require a top up order – for example perhaps you have more new members joined since your original order was placed. 


This year's course


This year’s scripture course looks at the Promises of God, focusing especially on How God always keeps the promises that He makes.  For many the thought of trusting in the promises that people make is difficult.  We are so often used to people letting us down, getting it wrong and making promises that they make no effort to keep.  Our prayer is that this year in Girls Brigade the girls will learn that God doesn’t make promises that he cannot keep.  We want them to discover that He always keeps and fulfils the promises that He makes.
From the youngest girl to the oldest officer it is essential for us all to build our lives on these promises.  Through the course the girls will see examples from the scriptures of the promises God has made and the ways in which we see that play out in our day to day lives.  As usual there are included fun activities to share with the girls that will help reinforce the theme and bring a greater sense of understanding of the Promises of God.  

Click on each image to view samples of our 2023/24

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Prayer Space in a Box


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To inspire and encourage girls to spend time in God’s presence and to pray, GBNI has produced the ‘Prayer space in a box’ resource for our GB companies to hire and set up on their company night.  This is effectively a box which contains various prayer stations along with all the resources needed for leaders to create a custom prayer space.  They can be hired for a deposit of £10, with £5 being returned after use.  To book, please email spiritual@gbni.co.uk.

What leaders have to say:
'An amazing well thought out experience, the girls really calmed and settled for it.'

'Really well thought out and useful time for the girls and leaders!  Great for girls who struggle praying and especially not having to pray out loud, could be private and more meaningful.'

What the girls had to say:
'I loved the prayer room as it allowed me to relax and forget about any worries and really helped me focus on God.'

'I thought the prayer stations were great! They have helped me grow as a Christian.  It was a great night!'

'I have really enjoyed tonight as I have been able to stop, reflect and think which I feel gave me intimate time with God.'

In order to inspire and challenge our girls GBNI produces a new bespoke Scripture Course each year where the girls will study relevant topics and Bible passages appropriate to their age.  We encourage the girls to give us feedback on the course each year and we ask them to suggest topics they feel would benefit them in growing in their faith and living their day to day life.  The Spiritual team prayerfully consider the girls’ suggestions and then develop a course.  Everything is done in house and then we send it to professional printers.

For our Under 5s and Explorer section we produce stickers with accompanying activity books/sheets.  The Juniors are given a colourful puzzle book and the Seniors and Brigaders are provided with an age appropriate journal.  All books come with easy to follow teaching notes so GB leaders can feel equipped and inspired to lead girls in learning more about God.  Each year over 17,000 girls in GBNI are reached with our Bible teaching resources.
Our prayer for the Scripture materials is that each girl regardless of her age, ability and background would be transformed by the truths they are learning from God’s Word.  It is our desire that those girls who do not know Jesus would be introduced to Him through the Bible class.  For those who are already on their faith journey, we would love our materials to inspire, challenge and equip them to go out into the world around them and seek, serve and follow Christ every day and everywhere.


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