Our Logos

We have a range of logos suitable for use across all literature, events etc.




Official Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland logos are as follows:


                                               GBNI Horizontal logo - reserved for GBHQ use only

However, you can use the GBNI Horizontal as above with your company name inserted in place of the text 'Northern Ireland' - please contact the National Secretary  to order one of these personalised logos for your company.

                                     gbni-vertical-Copy.gif                                   gb-smiley-face-th.jpg                              gbni-crest-text-yellow-flame2-copy.jpg

                        GBNI Vertical Logo             GBNI Smiley Face                     GB Crest

GIF images of these logos are available to download from the Leaders' section, subject to limitations of use as outlined below. 

The GB Crest is registered as a trademark in the UK in the name of GB England & Wales, GB Ireland, GB Scotland and GB Northern Ireland.  The GBNI vertical logo is a registered trademark in the name of the Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland. 

Reproduction of these logos is strictly forbidden and must not be printed by any commercial printers without permission.  However, they can be used for internal company use such as:

  • Printed programmes (eg. Annual Displays);
  • Orders of service (eg. Enrolment services);
  • Letters/leaflets to parents;
  • PowerPoint presentations for Church;
  • Invitations to company events (unless they are being printed by Commercial Printers);
  • Cakes.

Check the Leaders' Section for some ready-made templates for order of services and invitations, which you may find useful.

Please note it is strictly forbidden to amend the GB logos which you download in any way, such as changing colours or incorporating elements into a different or new logo.  Please refer to our 'Guidelines for logo permission' in the Leaders' section to ensure they are reproduced accurately. 

You must ask for permission to use the logo for the following purposes using the Logo Permission Form in the Leaders' Section:

  • Printing on clothing. Printing or embroidery on clothing, excluding hoodies, zip up hoodies and polo shirts which must be bought from the GBNI shop.
  • Printing on gifts e.g. for a special anniversary.
  • Engraving the logos on cups and awards.
  • Websites, blogs and social networks.
  • Posters, flyers, brochures etc. for which you will be using Commercial Printers.
  • Calendars, diaries, cookery books.
  • Stained glass windows.
  • Advertising.

Completed permission forms should be returned to nationalsecretary@gbni.co.uk. When permission is granted, high quality artwork files will be supplied to you, to give better quality reproduction of logos. Please note we do not grant permission for GBNI logos to be used on items of leisure wear or uniform that are stocked in our shop

If you are unsure whether you need permission please contact the National Secretary at GBHQ.