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Explorers (3-7yrs)

Building confidence and self esteem.

Explorers (3-7yrs)

Explorers are the youngest age group in Girls’ Brigade.  Like school, girls are grouped into sections according to their age on 1st July.  Some companies run the Explorers section from age three to seven years old and some companies run their Explorers from age five to seven years old and have a separate Under 5s section for their three and four year olds.  This is at the company’s discretion.  Explorers meet once a week in early evenings or Saturday mornings.

Girls must be three years old before they can join GB.  Girls may join either when they have had their third birthday or the September following their third birthday.  Some companies only take new starts in September whilst others will take girls throughout the year as soon as they turn three.    Please check this with the local leaders of your chosen company. 

Activities for Explorers may vary from company to company but here's an idea of the type of thing they can enjoy:
  • Learning about Jesus
  • Playing games
  • Painting & craft
  • Special outings
  • Singing
  • Dressing up
  • Dancing
  • Making friends


Explorers can earn badges for their efforts in GB, including a reward system for attendance and 
Explorer Star badges for taking part in certain badgework activities.

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In Girls' Brigade we wear uniform because it enables equality and promotes a sense of belonging - all the girls look the same irrespective of background.

All items of uniform may be purchased from our walk in shop at GBHQ.  Uniform can also be ordered from our online shop.

Explorer Uniform

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