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Junior Awards

Junior Badgework and Awards

How do we Award for Junior Badgework?

The Junior Award is a Circle which is presented when four subjects have been completed, one from each section of the programme; this would normally take one Brigade year.  There are three
Circle Awards, each distinguished by the number of segments.  Each colour used in the badge represents a section of the programme:

  • White: Spiritual
  • Blue: Physical
  • Yellow: Educational
  • Red: Service

Example topics

  • Spiritual: GB Scripture Course, Bible mine, praise and prayer
  • Physical: Dance, dodgeball, team games
  • Educational: Crafts, fashion, cooking
  • Service: Fairtrade, endangered animals, mission and fundraising.

Junior Badgework Resources:

For full details of this award, see the Junior Programme File, packed with ideas for Junior section badgework, available from our walk in shop at GBHQ or downloadable from the Leaders Section under Resources/Programme Files. 

Purchase Junior Handbook from GBNI Shop

Junior Circle Award



Circles are presented in sequence and so a girl in her first year in the Junior Section will work for her 1st Circle, regardless of age, eg. if a girl joins GB at age eight, she will work towards her 1st Junior Circle - in the same way, if a girl joins GB at age ten, she too will work towards her 1st Junior Circle.

Girls in this section work for a minimum of four subjects each year; completing at least one subject from each of the four sections in the programme book to achieve a Circle Award.

A total of three Circles may be gained ie. one for each year in the Junior Section; and a certificate may be awarded on the successful completion of each subject and these can be purchased from the GBNI Shop for Captains/Officers to complete.



Wearing Junior Section Awards

Juniors wear their Junior circles along with other attendance awards on an armband, worn on the left sleeve of sweatshirt when wearing ceremonial uniform.


On first becoming a Junior a girl wears her most recently gained Explorer star and her most recently gained Attendance brooch. Thereafter Junior circles as gained are placed in line with the Explorer star. The Open Bible Award is placed below the most recent attendance brooch.

Wearing Other Awards

The red Junior Section badge is worn on the sweatshirt, below the company title. Endurance Award, if applicable, should be worn on right side of the sweatshirt.  The 125th Anniversary Badge is to be worn on the point of the 'V' on the sweatshirt.
How to wear Awards on your GB Armband