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Explorer Awards

Explorer Badgework and Awards

How do we Award for Explorer Badgework?

The star Award is unique to this age group in Girls’ Brigade.   Each part of the star represents a part of the badgework programme.  At the centre are the letters GB.  These stand for Girls’ Brigade but also for God’s Book which we explore through Bible stories and memory verses .  At GB we believe we should centre all work on the Bible and all else can radiate from this starting point.
Explorers are often treasure seekers and treasure finders.  Our GB Explorers can find personal treasure through our Explorer programme.  This is expressed by calling our star points by names of jewels as below:

  • Emerald = Exploring - God's world and discovering its beauty. eg. on the farm, my church.
  • Sapphire = Self and Service - Learing about themselves and others. eg. sharing, my body.
  • Topaz = Talents & Tasks - Using the gifts God has given. eg. card making, recycling.
  • Amethyst = Activity - Taking part in physical activities. eg. marching, cheer leading.
  • Ruby = Riches - Enjoying music, stories, poems, arts etc. eg. choral speaking, puppets.
The initial letters spell E.S.T.A.R

The programme is designed to encourage participation and each girl should be involved to the level of her ability. 

For full details of this award, see the Explorer Programme File which can be downloaded from the Leaders Section under Resources/Programme Files.  It is currently not available to order as a hard copy.

Explorers achieve a star award by completing at least one subject from each of the five points of the Star plus the centre.  This would normally take one Brigade year. 

Explorer Star Award


There are three circles for Explorers to achieve, each distinguished by the colour at the centre:  bronze, silver and gold.  The stars are presented in sequence - first year Explorers, regardless of their age, obtaining the bronze star and so on.  eg. if a girl joins GB at age five, she will work towards her bronze star.  In the same way, if a girl joins GB at age seven, she too will work towards her bronze star.

How to wear the Explorer Star Awards

Explorer Stars (Bronze and Silver) are to be worn on the right side of the tunic opposite the GB Crest
and in line with the ‘V’ neck.  The base of the Bronze Award should be in line with the 'V' point of the  tunic and its top point of the star is lined up with the inner shoulder.  The Silver Award is to be placed above the Bronze Award running in line with collar of the tunic.


Wearing Other Awards

Endurance Award, if applicable, should be worn on right side of the sweatshirt.  The 125th Anniversary Badge is to be worn on the point of the 'V' on the navy tunic.