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Seniors (11-13yrs)

Growing Faith, Finding Answers, Discovering Hope

Seniors (11-13yrs)

Girls aged 11, 12 or 13 on 1st July can join GB Seniors.  This age group of girls are facing huge changes, physically and emotionally as they go through adolescence.  Girls at this stage are also greatly affected by social and environmental influences.  Lifelong friends are made at GB and it is a great support network. GB is a safe place to relax, be with friends, try something new, discover new gifts, talents and simply have fun.

Here's the kind of stuff Seniors do at GB:

  • Learning about God and what the Bible has to say about the issues girls face today;
  • Hang out with friends;
  • Dance ie. modern, rhythmic, Irish, salsa and hip hop;
  • Health, beauty and fitness;
  • Camp, outdoor pursuits and activity weekends;
  • Sports ie. volleyball, netball, unihoc, football and swimming;
  • Learning new things - first aid, car maintenance, sewing, drama; and
  • Crafts ie. making jewellery, cookery, flower arranging etc.



Seniors do badgework in GB including a reward system for attendance and Senior Circle badges for completing different challenges in 4 areas: Spiritual, Physical, Educational and Service.

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In Girls' Brigade we wear uniform because it enables equality and promotes a sense of belonging - all the girls look the same irrespective of background.

All items of uniform may be purchased from our walk in shop at GBHQ.  Uniform can also be ordered from our online shop.

Senior Uniform

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A vital resource that encourages girls in their journey of faith and enables them to be better disciples of Jesus. 

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