Our Leaders & Uniform

Leadership Skills

We all have different skills and abilities.  It is important to look at those gifts and see how we can apply them within the context of GB so that we may fruitfully serve God.

Having good leadership skills

As leaders in The Girls’ Brigade we need to know Christ as Saviour and Lord and have a knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.  Leaders should have a love and a passion to work alongside girls and a desire to fulfil The Girls’ Brigade Aim ‘To help girls to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ’.

It is important to develop good relationships with the girls:

  • Know each girl and her individual needs
  • Treat her as a person – talk to her and listen to her
  • Visit her when she is ill
  • Remember birthdays
  • Pray regularly for each girl by name
  • Give plenty of encouragement
Build positive relationships with parents:
  • Keep them regularly informed of all that goes on in the company
  • Meet and greet parents on company night to get to know them by name
  • Organise parent socials to encourage them to be more active in church life
  • Enlist parents help ie. catering, making costumes etc.
Develop a strong team of leaders:
  • Operate with other leaders and respect them – work together
  • When allocated a job, do it well and thoroughly
  • Be respectful of other leaders – encourage rather than criticise
  • Step up into a particular role if needed