Officer Webinar 2 4th Feb 2021

4th February 2021

Webinar 2 of Officer Leadership Training

Officer Webinar 2 23rd Feb 2021

23rd February 2021

Webinar 2 of Offier Leadership training

Queen's Award Final Interview Monday 15th March 2021

15th March 2021

Final Interviews for 2nd year Queen's Award candidates due to complete their award in March 2021.

Child Protection Workshop 11th Oct 2021

11th October 2021

Child Protection Workshop for new Sub-Officers and Officers

New Captains' Workshop

14th October 2021

Workshop for those GB leaders who are taking up or have recently taken up the role of Captain in their GB Company.
Trainees can also book into another person from thier GB to attend the workshop if they wish.

Officer - Theory Webinar 20th Oct 2021

20th October 2021

Theory webinar for new Officers as part of Officer Leadership training course