Child Protection Workshop 8th Sept

8th September 2020

Child Protction Workshop for trainee Sub-Officers and trainee Part 3 Officers

Part 3 Officer 16th Sept

16th September 2020

Part 3 Officer Leadership Training

Sub-Officer Session 1 22nd September 2020

22nd September 2020

Sub-Officer Leadership training session 1 - on-line webinar.

Sub-Officer Session 2 30th September 2020

30th September 2020

Sub-Officer Leadership Training session 2 - on-line webinar

Child Protection Workshop 5th Oct

5th October 2020

Child Protection Workshop for trainee Sub-Officers and Part 3 Officers

Queen's Award information webinar 1

8th October 2020

Information webinar for potential Queen's Award applicants for March 2021 entry.
All potential applicants, parent(s) and leaders are encouraged to register.