Prayer Calendar March 2021

March 2021

Thank you for taking the time to focus your prayers around the work of Girls' Brigade.  Our monthly prayer calendar has been distributed to all GB Captains via email for them to share with their leaders.  If you have yet to see a copy, please feel free to contact your Captain or if you are a leader, simply log into the Leaders' Section and download this free resource.  Please continue to pray for our local companies at this challenging time.

Here are some additional prayer points for you to consider:

  • Pray for our schools and teachers as they get ready for some children returning to the classroom.  Our thoughts are also drawn to the children that are to remain at home and for families that have to manage both situations within their home life.
  • Pray for the NI Executive and the Chief Medical Advisors as they work together in creating a plan to navigate our country out of this current lockdown.
  • Give thanks for the progress in the roll out of the COVID vaccine across the province.
  • Give thanks for the connections GB companies have made with GB members over this current GB session and may God continue to bless any future engagement planned over the next few months as the GB session comes to a close.
Feel free to forward any prayer requests to us via and our staff will cover the situation in prayer.  Please ensure you have permission to share this information should it concern another person.  With your consent, we would also be more than happy to circulate prayer requests to our District Prayer Coordinators and on to  each respective District Executive.

Other Prayer Points