Prayer Calendar February 2021

February 2021

Thank you for taking the time to focus your prayers around the work of Girls' Brigade.  Our monthly prayer calendar has been distributed to all GB Captains via email for them to share with their leaders.  If you have yet to see a copy, please feel free to contact your Captain or if you are a leader, simply log into the Leaders' Section and download this free resource.

Please continue to pray for our local companies at this challenging time and feel free to use these additional prayer points:

  • Pray that no matter the level of engagement, whether through online meetings, social media challenges, door drops of activity packs, phone calls etc.., that it will have a positive impact on our girls and their families;
  • Pray for our girls and young women facing the disappointment of not being able to sit schedule examinations due to school closures.  Pray for their teachers as they provide guidance and support.
  • Pray for our new Trainee Officers that have commenced their training under unusual circumstances.  We give thanks for their commitment into this worthwhile leadership role.
  • Pray for our GB families that have been impacted by COVID-19, whether through illness, unemployment or bereavement.  Pray that they will feel God's peace at this time.
  • Pray for our parents as they manage home-schooling, working from home and the fatigue that lockdown restrictions can bring.  Pray for motivation, rest and mindfulness.
  • Give thanks to God for our keyworkers, in particular our medical professionals right across the board, from consultants, to nurses, to GP's, to porters, to reception staff, to pharmacists and to carers.  We thank God for the skills He has given to each of them.

Feel free to forward any prayer requests to us via and our staff will cover the situation in prayer during our daily prayer time.  Please ensure you have permission to share this information should it concern another person.  With your consent, we would also be more than happy to circulate prayer requests to our District Prayer Coordinators.  

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