Prayer Points Apr 2019

April 2019

The session maybe ending but the work continues....

  • Give thanks for all of our leaders within GB, our Captains, Officers, Sub-Officers and Helpers. Thank God for all the time and effort they have put in this past year.  Pray God would continue to inspire and envision them for their work within GB.
  • Give thanks for all of our Captains and Officers who serve GB at national level. Pray especially for our Executive Members and Office Bearers that God would continue to guide them in all their decision-making.  Ask Him to envision them for the year ahead.
  • Give thanks for all the displays and parents’ nights that have taken place. Pray God would use what was said to point people to Jesus and the hope that His death and resurrection brings. Thank God for the many lives that have been touched through GB this year.  Pray God would be continuing to work in the girls’ hearts to help them grow in their faith.
  • Thank God for all the 125th Celebration events that have taken place so far this year. Please pray and ask God to be in the preparations for the remaining 125 events.  Please also pray for safety for the many leaders and girls who will attend these events.
  • Thank God for His provision towards the Fields of Life school in Uganda. Pray God would continue to provide the funds to reach our target. Pray for safety for all our leaders and girls as they take part in various fundraising activities.
  • Please pray for all those in our GB Family who are struggling through illness, breakdown of family or bereavement. Pray God would draw close to them at this diffi cult time and give them comfort.
  • Please pray for all our girls who will be sitting important exams in the next few months.  Pray their study time would be productive and for God to help them stay focused. Most of all please pray the girls would stay close to God during this stressful time and that He would help them know their identity is in Christ and not in what exam results they achieve.
  • Please pray for all those involved in producing the Scripture Course for next year. Pray God would give them wisdom and guidance as they write and design the material.
  • As we enter the Duke of Edinburgh expedition season, pray for all those girls taking part in the Award. Ask God to protect these girls in all the expeditions they take part in. Give thanks for all the leaders who give their time to help the girls achieve their Awards.
  • Give thanks for all the girls receiving their Queen’s Award badge on the 10th May 2019.  Pray the girls will have a great sense of achievement as they are presented their Award. Pray also for the girls taking part during the presentation. Ask God to calm any nerves they may have and their passion for God and Girls’ Brigade will shine through.

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