Running the race

I am not much of a runner, actually I hate it, but I have recently signed up to do a 5k mud run in September in memory of my husband’s granny who recently passed away with cancer. I have made a very slow start at going out for an occasional run, well more jog really!  I will walk for a few minutes then run a few then walk a few more and so on until I reach home again.

I think life is much the same and as a Christian you have moments of real joy and adrenalin when following God is amazing and life is good, everything is going well, you feel connected to God and you feel His presence in every situation. But then you go so fast you start to burn out a little and you start to slow down, you don’t connect so much and you lose momentum to pick up your Bible or go to church.  You go through life for a while and then something sparks and you need God, so you seek Him again and you reconnect and that hope and security comes back again and you pick up your Bible and things run along nicely.

I knew that as I start running more frequently, my pace will get better, I will run for longer and I will become much stronger but I need to have courage to step forward and trust that I can do this and do it well.

In the same way, when you connect with God more often, when you read His word and start living your life for Him, your knowledge of God will get better, you will trust in Him more and your personal relationship will be much stronger.

Life has many highs and lows, there will be difficult and challenging times ahead. God is walking and running beside you cheering you on every step of the way.  Remember you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

Blessings Leeanne

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