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Training for Leaders

GBNI provides a wide range of in-house training and workshops to assist its volunteers.  It also provides a bespoke Officer and Sub-Officer training course. 

Training Opportunities

It is part of Girls’ Brigade policy that once recruited, all volunteers should be well informed, trained, supervised and supported.  Once recruited by the local church, all volunteers will have access to training offered by GBNI.

In-Service Training Courses

Volunteers are encouraged to update and develop their skills and knowledge regularly through participation in in-service training. This includes workshops and training events offered by Girls’ Brigade NI (centrally or at district level) or through external providers such as the Education Authority.

Courses range from competition workshops, dementia, mental health, First Aid, GDPR, New Captains and camp.  Most courses are open to both Officers and Associates and are regularly promoted in the GBNI Newsletter, eNews and Social Media Platforms.  Places can be booked via the Leaders’ Section.  

Leadership Training  


Officer and Sub-Officer Training

Adults and young leaders appointed by the church can attend either GB Officer or Sub-Officer leadership training.  Officer training is for adult leaders aged 18+ and it is mostly young people aged 16-18 who complete the Sub-Officer course.  There are basic entry requirements for these courses and the parent church may add to these as necessary to help select the most suitable people to put forward for training.   

Training includes attendance at a Girls’ Brigade leadership training course and practical experience within a Company with guidance from a supervising Officer/Captain.   During training, all newly appointed Officers will be issued with an information booklet outlining good, safe practice when working with children and young people.

As part of the current Sub-Officer and Officer training courses GBNI provides a compulsory Child Protection Training Workshop for all new trainees.   Providing awareness of child protection issues, safety guidelines and practical guidance for working with children and young people.  Log in to the Leaders’ Section for the latest dates and venues for our workshops.

Refresher Officer Training

Officers who have been out of GB for five to ten years are required to complete some refresher training before they can rejoin a company as an Officer.  Refresher training consists of a number of modules from the basic Officer course including child protection.  After ten years, they are required to redo the current Officer training course.
Application Forms are available for download from the leaders section annually in August and must be completed and returned to GBHQ by 30th April for May/June courses and by 30th June for September courses the following year.  Leadership training courses are offered in venues across Northern Ireland.  Courses combine practical experience with direct training.  The GBNI Training Team plan course content and structure and local districts deliver the training.  The courses are administered by GBHQ.

Child Protection Training

All leaders are required to hold valid Child Protection training when serving in Girls’ Brigade and it must be renewed every three years.  Refresher training should be carried out within your church and is not offered through Girls’ Brigade.  Adults who have not completed Girls’ Brigade leadership training should be provided Child Protection training by their local church.  For further details refer to page 53 of the GBNI Leaders’ Manual.  

Please email training@gbni.co.uk if you have any training queries.