Bold as a lion

Lisa Bevere in her book ‘Lioness Arising’ describes the lioness as ‘a magnificent image of strength, passion and beauty…a force to be reckoned with.’ Her book reads, ‘Arise, God did not save you to tame you. Arise to a life of fierce passion, to a dangerous prayer, stunning power and teamed purpose.’

Do you feel unsettled, scared or overwhelmed? When we feel vulnerable like this it seems impossible to imagine ourselves as bold lions. Yet this passage tells us that if we are righteous, if we are faithful to God’s teachings, that we have the ability to be truly fearless! Fearless, not because God tucks us away from danger or because He shields us from failure, but rather we have the ability to be fearless and bold because we know God is in control and because with Him on our side we can achieve more than we imagine! We can be fearless because we know that as daughters of the King we have a place and a purpose in this world.

Danielle McAllister

GBNI Executive Youth Rep & Officer 20th NI Joymount Presbyterian

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