I recently spent the most amazing time in the company of a lady who was a member of Girls’ Brigade many years ago as she shared her memories and experiences of GB as a girl and leader. 
As we chatted and she shared her stories and also afterwards, I was thinking how we all have a GB story to tell.  Whether we have been a member for four months, four years or forty years; we’ve all been part of an amazing organisation.  An organisation that seeks to serve Christ in everything we do; to share God’s love and encourage each other.
I doubt you will have missed that fact that various celebrations and events have been held to mark 125 years of GB; it has been a whirlwind of activities with even more fun and events still to come for everyone.
Whilst it has been great to celebrate the past 125 years, it is so important to remember why we are doing what we do.  Why we go to GB, why we put so much time, effort and dedication in our GB company?  GB night was the highlight of my week when I was a member; I loved catching up with friends I maybe only saw at GB, relaxing and laughing together but it was also where I learnt about God.  About His unending and amazing gift of love, how the gift of love and life in Christ was there, right in front of me for the taking.  I didn’t take that step then but it was a few years later when I finally gave my life wholly and completely to God.  A decision that was without doubt the best one I have ever or will ever make and I have GB and my GB leaders at the time to thank for setting the ground work and sharing their stories with me.
So I urge you to think about your GB night; as you complete badgework and prepare for displays and events, to remember that we all have a GB story that we can share.  A story that is unique and special and one that I pray you will share with others as we encourage and inspire each other to do our very best to Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.

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