GB Awards

Other Awards

Girls Brigade NI have two special recognition awards for girls who show outstanding commitment to GB during illness or has used life-saving skills.

Other Awards

Endurance Award

This is awarded to a member of any age (girl or officer) who has shown outstanding commitment to GB during prolonged periods of illness or severe disability.  Application for the Award should be sent, in writing, by the Captain or Officer in Charge of the child’s section to the National Secretary at GBHQ.  The application should explain why it is felt that the child/young person should be considered for an award and should be supported by a medical certificate from the girl’s doctor, or hospital doctor.

The request is considered by GBNI Executive and if granted the award will be posted to the person making the application. 

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Medal is given to a girl for saving life, and there are two degrees.  The second degree (bronze) when a girl saves life without risk to her own, and the first degree (silver) when the girl saves life at the risk of her own life.  Application for the Award should be made in writing by the Captain (and should be accompanied by eye witness account) to the National Secretary.