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The Discovery Award

An Achievement Award for the over 50’s 

An Achievement Award for the over 50’s   

How did it start? 

The idea was formed in 1987 during an adventure weekend for the over 50’s run by Tayside Outdoor Education Service.  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Adviser from Dundee, an Outdoor Community Education Worker and six enthusiastic men and women put together a programme of activity and self-development and the Discovery Award was born! 

Who is it for? 

The Award Is open to all, regardless of status, state of health and level of ability.  At present the oldest participant is well over 80 years.  Providing you are over 50 years of age and you would like to accept this exciting and rewarding challenge, this Award is for YOU! 

What is the challenge? 

To discover: 

  • New strengths and hidden talents;
  • New interests, or new life in old ones;
  • New and interesting people; 
  • The satisfaction of helping others; and
  • The joy of unexpected achievement. 

The Discovery Award is now Nationwide with an increasing number of groups throughout the UK.

What are the main features of the Award? 

It is non-competitive, flexible and achievable. Progress is at your own pace and within your own capabilities.  You set your own goals and then reap the reward of your achievement. 
There are three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold - all divided into four sections and each with an agreed timescale.  Each level is rewarded with its own Award Certificate and Badge! 

What are the sections? 

Service in the Community 

This section gives us a chance to give back a little of what we have learned and experienced over the first 50 years of our lives!  Any service that helps others is acceptable, eg Red Cross, 
Meals on Wheels, visiting the sick, helping in a charity shop/organisation, playgroups, youth organisations etc. Committee work or typing at home.  The demand for volunteers is never ending. 

Hobby or Interest

You may like to take up a new pastime or develop an old one.  The list is endless, from writing to gardening, reading to visiting the theatre or cinema, learn a new language, take flying lessons, play the piano or photograph old buildings.  Learn to paint or play golf. 
The choice is all yours! 

Recreational Pursuit 

This should include some physical activity to the extent that your own physical activity and health will allow.  This may include some walking, swimming, dancing or cycling, but could just as easily be any indoor pursuit such as snooker or darts, or wheelchair exercises! 

Journey of Discovery 

This may not be a physical journey.  You can travel anywhere, in your mind at home, in the comfort of your own armchair, through books, pictures, the internet etc or on foot, by bicycle, car, train, ship or plane.  You might like to visit local churches, travel to the Western Isles, research your family history, look around castles, or trek to China, write a book or travel the world.  Whatever you decide to do, keep a record of all the preparation for your “journey” as well as what you did, to submit for your award.  Even this section need not cost much, this is really up to you.

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Timescales for the three levels: 

Service in the Community: 24-30 hours in 12 weeks 
Recreational Pursuit: 24-30 hours in 12 weeks 
Hobby or Interest: 50-60 hours in 26 weeks 
Journey of Discovery: A physical challenge or personal research, exploring and extending your own knowledge and interests 

Service in the Community: 48-60 hours in 26 weeks 
Recreational Pursuit: 50-60 hours in 26 weeks 
Hobby or Interest: 100-120 hours in 52 weeks 
Journey of Discovery: As Bronze 

Service in the Community: 100-120 hours in 52 weeks 
Personal Pursuit: 50-60 hours in 26 weeks 
Hobby or Interest: 150-180 hours in 76 weeks 
Journey of Discovery: As Bronze 
There are different journey themes at each level if a physical journey is undertaken 
To find out more, contact the Discovery Award Administrator via discoveryaward@gbni.co.uk.

What does it cost? 

Very little depending on what you choose to do!

£10 for each level  (This covers Fees/Badge/Record Book and Certifciate) 

How do I apply?

To register to take part in this award, please download this registration form and once completed, return to GB Headquarters and we will pass it onto the Discovery Award Administrator or you can email it directly to discoveryaward@gbni.co.uk.

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