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A vital resource that encourages girls in their journey of faith and enables them to be better disciples of Jesus.

Scripture Course

For our leaders

Training and equipping our leaders is really important to us as we want them to feel supported when they teach the Bible to our girls.  We are delighted to be able to offer Teaching seminars for each of our courses. 

We would encourage all of our Officers and those teaching our course to take time out with a cuppa to watch these videos.  We are confident that through taking the time out to do this, they will be encouraged and inspired.  If you are a leader or Bible teacher within GBNI then why not even use it as an opportunity to spend time with other leaders to watch the video and to pray specifically for the girls within your section.  We hope you will find these videos helpful.

Teaching videos

Please click here to access the teaching seminars for this year's Scripture Course

Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland's commitment
to teaching the Gospel.

In 1983, Margaret Lyttle formed the Girls’ Brigade in Dublin with the aim being “the extension of Christ’s Kingdom among girls.”  125 years later our aim has not changed.  Encouraging and discipling girls to seek, serve and follow Christ is very much at the core of what we strive to do.

In order to inspire and challenge our girls GBNI produces a new bespoke Scripture Course each year where the girls will study relevant topics and Bible passages appropriate to their age.  We encourage the girls to give us feedback on the course each year and we ask them to suggest topics they feel would benefit them in growing in their faith and living their day to day life.  The Spiritual team prayerfully consider the girls’ suggestions and then develop a course.  Everything is done in house and then we send it to professional printers.

For our Under 5s and Explorer section we produce stickers with accompanying activity books/sheets.  The Juniors are given a colourful puzzle book and the Seniors and Brigaders are provided with an age appropriate journal.  All books come with easy to follow teaching notes so GB leaders can feel equipped and inspired to lead girls in learning more about God.  Each year over 17,000 girls in GBNI are reached with our Bible teaching resources.
Our prayer for the Scripture materials is that each girl regardless of her age, ability and background would be transformed by the truths they are learning from God’s Word.  It is our desire that those girls who do not know Jesus would be introduced to Him through the Bible class.  For those who are already on their faith journey, we would love our materials to inspire, challenge and equip them to go out into the world around them and seek, serve and follow Christ every day and everywhere.

Ordering the Course Materials

Details are announced in the GBNI newsletter and can be purchased by our leaders online. Deadline for orders is usually around the start of June each year.  Orders are available for collection/courier from mid August – this date is also announced in the June GBNI newsletter.

A small overstock of the various elements of the course is listed in the online shop from September onwards for companies who require a top up order – for example perhaps you have more new members joined since your original order was placed. 


2019/20 Scripture Course.  Psalms and David

This year our Under 5s, Explorers and Juniors will explore the life of David, a man who wrote many of the Psalms and a man who is described by God as ‘...a man after His own heart...’ (Acts 13:22).  They will learn how David was chosen and anointed by God when he was just a shepherd boy and how he came to be King over God’s people.  They will learn that it would be through David’s family line, that the Saviour of the world would be born.

Through the stories of David, the girls will learn key truths from God’s Word.  They will be encouraged through the story of David and Goliath to learn that God is our Rescuer.  When they learn the story of David’s anointing, they will be taught that God always has a plan.  We will also look at how God was in control of the situation when David was fearing for his life as Saul sought to kill him.

It is our hope and prayer that as the girls study the character of David this year through the various stories, they will see God’s hand upon him even when the situation looked bleak and even when David messed up!  God was in every part of his life and was able to redeem the mess.  He can do the same for us too.

Fear, insecurity, shame, joy, excitement, guilt.  Any of these emotions sound familiar?  Emotions are something each and every one of us experience on a daily basis.  Sometimes we may find ourselves waking in the morning feeling ecstatic joy at the prospect of the day ahead only to be knocked off course by a conversation, an event, an email, an Instagram post or a text message which leaves us feeling the opposite to how we woke up.  We may then find ourselves laying our head on the very same pillow from the morning, with tears in our eyes, feeling absolute despair and disappointment. Our emotions, at certain times in our lives, can be constantly changing leaving us feeling insecure, lonely and hopeless.

Yet we are not alone in experiencing these emotions. We only need to turn to the book of Psalms in God’s Word to realise that the Psalmists, who lived thousands of years before us, experienced these exact same emotions.  They knew the pain and heartache of shame, guilt, fear, regret as well as the highs of feeling joy and excitement.

This year the Seniors and Brigaders will journey through the book of Psalms looking at some of these emotions; emotions they will know only too well.  They will discover that the Psalmists were not afraid to be honest with God as they poured out their hearts to Him.  They weren’t afraid to pray through the hurt and anxieties they were experiencing.  Yet as they study these beautiful verses from God’s Word they will see a pattern emerge.  A Psalm which can begin with the bleakest of tones is suddenly turned around, as the writer pours their heart out and realises that unlike their emotions, God is unchanging.  He is constant.  His sovereignty and power endures forever, and that is why we can, with full confidence, put our hope in Him.

The girls will study psalms that look at anxiety, fear, insecurity and disappointment whilst also looking at psalms that encourage compassion, thankfulness and excitement.

It is our hope and prayer that the girls will be transformed and encouraged to be honest with God, and in doing this they too will realise they can put their hope and trust in their Creator, the Almighty God.

Click below to view some samples of this year's course.

Under 5's Leader's Magazine (sample)   Under 5's Leader's Magazine (Sample) Explorer Activity Book (sample)    Explorer Activity Book             (sample)
Junior Puzzle Book (sample)   Junior Puzzle Book (sample) Explorer/Junior Teacher’s notes (sample)   Explorer/Junior Teacher’s      Notes (sample)
Senior / Brigader Journal (sample)   Senior / Brigader Journal   (sample) Senior / Brigader Teacher’s notes (sample)

  Senior / Brigader                  

  Teacher’s Notes




Prayer Space in a Box

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To inspire and encourage girls to spend time in God’s presence and to pray, GBNI has produced the ‘Prayer space in a box’ resource for our GB companies to hire and set up on their company night.  This is effectively a box which contains various prayer stations along with all the resources needed for leaders to create a custom prayer space.  They can be hired for a deposit of £10, with £5 being returned after use.  To book, please email spiritual@gbni.co.uk.

What leaders have to say:
“An amazing well thought out experience, the girls really calmed and settled for it.”

“Really well thought out and useful time for the girls and leaders!  Great for girls who struggle praying and especially not having to pray out loud, could be private and more meaningful.”

What the girls had to say:

“I loved the prayer room as it allowed me to relax and forget about any worries and really helped me focus on God.”

“I thought the prayer stations were great! They have helped me grow as a Christian.  It was a great night!”

“I have really enjoyed tonight as I have been able to stop, reflect and think which I feel gave me intimate time with God.”


Creative Bible Teaching Workshop


At the start of each GB session, the Spiritual Team hosts a Creative Bible Teaching Workshop for leaders to come along and engage with new methods on how to develop God's Word in a more creative and inspiring way.  The morning starts with a time of worship and prayer along with a keynote speaker who will generally focus on a specialised area.   The leaders then split into a number of workshops which look at the new resources for:
  • Under 5s
  • Explorer and Juniors
  • Senior and Brigader
You can book your place each year from the end of May on the Online Booking System or if you have any further queries, please email spiritual@gbni.co.uk.


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