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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland has been an operating authority for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award since 1960.

Girls’ Brigade NI is an approved operating authority for the DofE.  Over 100 companies take part in the scheme.

The Duke of Edinbourgh's Award is a personal challenge from Prince Philip to young people between the ages of 14-25 to participate in various practical, cultural and adventurous activities and to achieve certain standards in them.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award    doe-badge-silver.png    doe-badge-gold.png

Young people can take part in programmes at three levels: Bronze, Silver or Gold which lead to
a DofE Award. Participants achieve an award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections (five if going for Gold).

Volunteering - Helping someone, your community or the environment.
Physical - Becoming fitter through sport, dance or fitness activities.
Skills - Developing existing talents or trying something new.
Expedition - Planning, training for and completing an adventurous journey.
Residential (Gold only) - Staying and working away from home as part of a team.

The main differences between the levels are the minimum length of time it takes to complete each one, how challenging it is and the minimum age young people can start.  Depending on their age, a young person can start at any level but most people prefer to try for Bronze and work upwards.


Are you aged between 14-25? If so then .... You Can Do It!

There are age restrictions for each level so it makes sense to build yourself up rather than dive
in at the deep end. 

Minimum Starting Ages:
Bronze - 14 years
Silver - 15 years
Gold - 16 years
NB. DofE in GB is open to members only.

If your GB Company does not run the DofE Award don't worry just ask your Captain to contact your DofE District Representative who will help you get started with an operating unit.

For further information generally about the DofE Award click here www.DofE.org



  • Good fun
  • Meet new friends
  • Learn and develop new skills
  • Improve fitness levels
  • Gain a world wide recognised qualification.

plus your GB Badgework can count towards your Award too! 




This is an interactive online system that helps young people manage their DofE programme. In using eDofE, participants can record online a range of evidence of their activities for the different sections of the Award and leaders can monitor their progress.

At the end of the programme, participants will get an achievement pack - a lovely way to keep those memories, comments and pictures alive!

Safeguards have been built into the system to protect young people online. In addition, only leaders who have been checked through AccessNI are permitted to access the system.


Registering GB Leaders/Companies for eDofE


GBNI started using eDofE in summer 2010.  If your company is not yet set up follow steps 1 -3 below:

  • Leaders using eDofE must be Access NI checked. If you are already checked, move on to step
  • If you haven't been checked for your existing work in GB, then you'll need to get a check done now. AccessNI checks are done through your church - explain to the nominated child protection person in your church that eDofE is a new part of your role and requires a background check
  • Download the eDofE leader enrolment form from our Leaders section and send to GBHQ. GBHQ will set up an eDofE account for you and email you your login details
  • Start using eDofE!

There are lots of useful help sheets on the eDofE system, so once you've logged on you have access to all of that information. Your District rep will also be able to help you with any queries on using eDofE.


Useful DofE Resources

  • Running DofE in GB - a guide for leaders (available from the Leaders' Section/Awards).
  • DofE website – www.dofe.org.
  • Expedition Handbook for all you need to know about running the expedition part of DofE. (Available in the Leaders' Section)


Already have the Award?

Help others to gain theirs!  Contact your District Representative for details of how to become a Duke of Edinburgh's Award leader in GB.



To help young people through the expedition section of DofE, leaders need to have some training and a relevant qualification.  One great way to meet that standard is to take the BB/GB Expedition and Outdoor Leadership Award ... Level 1 of this course will enable you to train and supervise groups doing Bronze and Silver DofE; you will need Level 2 for Gold ventures. For more information see our Training for Leaders handbook in the Leaders' Section.

If you have any queries regarding The Duke of Edinburgh's Award within GB, please contact the DofE Team by emailing dofequeries@gbni.co.uk.