Our Awards

Queen's Award

The Girls' Brigade Queen's Award is highest Award a girl may gain during her years in Girls' Brigade..

The award aims to encourage girls and young women to a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, while respecting other faiths; inspiring them to greater endeavour in service within the general community and to make a contribution to the worldwide concept of The Girls' Brigade.


Queen's Award Girls can demonstrate:

  • Leadership skills
  • Commitment
  • In depth knowledge of the Girls' Brigade organisation
  • Community spirit and good citizenship
  • Faith in action


What is involved?


The Queen's Award is designed to be challenging but not intended only for academic girls. There are 6 elements to the award - shown below; a high standard in all six elements must be attained. The elements are designed to encourage girls to grow in their personal faith journey along with opportunities through company and community service to put faith into action. As girls work towards this award we hope they will learn new skills, be open to new experiences and set personal targets that will test and take them out of their comfort zone whilst developing their faith along the way.

Spiritual Development

Service - Company & Community

  • Regular consistent Sunday Worship Attendance
  • Playing an active role in Church life
  • Spiritual growth - meeting regularly with a chosen mentor

  • Working in your Company in a range of different roles and tasks for example:
  • Help to teach craft to the Juniors/Take an exercise class with the Juniors/Story-telling with Explorers
  • Supervised, voluntary Community Service of not less than 48 hours over six months during the two year period.

Initiative Tests


  • Girls are required to undertake two different assigned short timescale tasks to demonstrate leadership and initiative skills.



  • ​Complete a project to a high standard in a particular area of interest

Topic examples: 
Music, Physical Activity, Creative Work,
Creative Writing, Design Technology,
Visual Media or Written Report.

Study Paper

Final Assessment

Written paper with two sections including one essay question.

Topics covered in the paper:

  • Knowing my Nation (monarchy, National and Local Government, Living in Northern Ireland).
  • Knowledge of Girls' Brigade
Interview will include a general discussion on approach to life and their Queen's Award experience.

Girls are also required to complete a five minute presentation on a topic selected by the Queen's Award Team. Advance notice of topic will be given

Our Principles


The Brigade acknowledges Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord according to the Scriptures and seeks to fulfil its aim to the Glory of One God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


The Brigade witnesses to the standard set by Jesus Christ and gives positive teaching on the Christian attitude to life.  The Brigade promotes a just society where all people are equally valued.


The Reward


After all the hard work, girls and their Captains are invited to a special ceremony to receive their Queen's Award at a formal presentation night held each year in May. On the big night official photos are taken and girls get their hard earned and well deserved opportunity to be stars for the night. Girls are allocated guest tickets to share their special evening with family and friends.




​Watch the video below to hear directly from Queen’s Award girls and leaders on how the award impacts, challenges, stretches and equips young women as they undertake the highest award in GB!

Check out the application rules below. Girls Challenge Yourself! Ask your Captain to consider registering you for the next Queen's Award information session. Captains, Challenge Your Girls! Do you know someone suitable who would benefit from entering the award? For more information click here to download the full Queen's Award regulations from the leader's section of this website or email queensaward@gbni.co.uk for more details. (Applications open each year in November with a closing date in December. The most recent application form is also available to download from the Leaders' Section).


Application Rules

  • An applicant must be recommended by her Captain and the Minister of the Church where the girl attends Sunday Worship.
  • The Award Syllabus will cover a minimum period of two years.
  • Girls must be at least 15 years of age by 1st March in the year their Award commences.
  • The final assessment cannot be taken before a girl reaches her 17th Birthday, or after the year of her 25th Birthday.
  • Girls must attend an information session prior to application
  • No aspect of the award may be commenced prior to acceptance of the application by Girls' Brigade Headquarters.
  • Applications must be received by the advertised closing date – Late applications will not be accepted
  • The Brigader Brooch must be completed before the final assessment.
  • Attendance awards for Company and Church must be held by the participant for the full GB session prior to application. Award participants must continue to gain these attendance awards during the time spent working for the award.