Has anyone seen the film Twilight?  I know that it was a big deal ages ago, but I have just got around to watching it.  I have to say that I watched it just to keep up to date with the popular movies out there, like High School Musical (which I did not like no matter how much anyone tries to convince me!!)

However, ‘Twilight’ I  loved.  Now don’t get me wrong, vampires and demons are not something we, as young Christians, should be filling our heads with, and while there are no sex scenes as such in the movie, it is a very sexual film and book for being aimed at teenagers….. but…… it is very difficult to avoid the phenomenon and with three more films due to be released over the next few years, I thought we could look at it from another angle.

In case you haven’t seen the film, it is about a teenage girl called Bella who has just moved to live with her Dad in a wee rainy town call Forks.  When she goes to school she meets a guy called Edward (who just happens to be a babe!) and they fall in love.  The complication is that he is a vampire.

As the story progresses, and this is highlighted even more in the book than the film, Edward keeps warning Bella to stay away from him, as he is constantly fighting the urge to… well basically to eat her.  Throughout the story though Bella realizes that she loves Edward so much she is prepared to risk a very painful death to stay near him.

Do you see the parallel coming?  Think of the sacrifice Bella is making as the sacrafice Jesus made when He came to earth.  He knew that sin had turned us into monsters who were capable of every kind of evil, and yet He loved us so much He came to earth, and suffered that evil death so that we could go to heaven to live with Him for all eternity.

Love is a powerful thing, and Jesus’ sacrifice is the highest example of love that the world has ever seen!

So, next time you are in the cinema, or watching TV when an ad for Twilight or any of the other 3 films that will be made over the next few years, just think of the love Jesus showed for us!

Sarah :)

PS:  I also thought it was good that for once there was a teenage movie with normal teenagers in it, who went to school, did homework, weren’t ridiculous rich and were smart at school without being labeled a geek or a nerd…. well if you discount the vampires and werewolves aspect that is!!!

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