An unusual birthday gift..

Fishing Net

I had my birthday a few weeks back and was so touched when one of my closest friends sent me a very original birthday present-it was a fishing net! Very unusual present I hear you say but she got it from Oxfam Unwrapped, an online shop where you can buy anything from fishing nets to buying a plot of land for someone in a developing country (check the link out below).  I have so many things that I don’t actually need.  Yes, it is nice to get nice things every once in a while but how many lip glosses do I actually need?  How many pairs of shoes can I wear at the one time?   I feel unbelievably blessed to have food to eat every day, clothes to wear etc. things that so often I take for granted-so this gift was very different. The money she paid to Oxfam will go towards helping poor communities work together to fish their way out of poverty – providing nets, boats, equipment and training.  I was sent a magnet acknowledging that a fish net had been bought in my name and I have it proudly displayed on my fridge at home! 

How nice that we can help others in such a practical way.  I know that there are lots of GB companies helping charities and people in their community in great ways… Let me know what your GB is doing… or why not tell the rest of the girls and the Officer’s in your Company about Oxfam’s shop (there are other Organisations that do this as well e.g. Tearfund, Christian Aid at Christmas time).

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  1. Amanda Gray says:

    Lesley, this blog is fab! Thank you for your kind appreciation regarding the fishing nets. I’m so glad you liked it!! Love you lots and lots. Friends on earth and some day in

  2. Claire Rush says:

    Hey Lesley, I think that it is great that you are promoting charity gift catalogues. At Christmas, I normally get my friends’ gifts from Worldvision Online. My wee GB girlies (you know who you are in North St Carrickfergus) raised £100 in a charity tuckshop which helped sponsored a woman in the third world to learn a trade so she could earn a living. Well done girls…thanks for making a difference! Keep those true colours shining through!The blog is a fabulous idea. I hope that all the Northern Ireland GB girlies use it!WE NEED YOUR VIEWS!Tell us what you like about GB? How could it be better?Big thanks to Lesley for all her hardwork, dedication and enthusiasm for God and GB xx

  3. Steph says:

    Hey..=DJust leavin a comment to say how much i love GB!Its amazing!!Lots of Love..Stephxxx

  4. Amy says:

    Heyy!!This is a gr8 website!!Its a really gd idea!!Just tot i’d say hi and that GB is so gr8!! I love it!! Can’t wait till septmber!!Lots of love .. Amy xx

  5. Linzi..x says:

    Girlies :DGrand it is tu see all yur commnts !I LUVZZ GB ! :PIt is soo awesoome ! =DCnt wait till nxt yr !Luvv yuzz all massivlyy big !

  6. rebecca says:

    I luv GB it so greatI’m so glad we helped people in another country by doing something as nice as run a tuc shop. I hope we raise as much money this year as last.

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