Prayer Points from GB Newsletter May 2022

May 2022

Prayer points to guide you as you pray for Girls’ Brigade
Thank God for all the companies who were able to meet this year and for all the girls who were able to
return to GB. Thank Him for the lives that have been transformed and for the girls who have grown in
their faith.

Please pray for those GB companies that have been inactive over the last year and were not able to meet
last session. Pray the leadership of the companies will be able to find a way to meet in September and
pray their girls will return. Ask God for encouragement for the leaders as they plan for the new session.
Pray for those GB companies who are struggling to have enough leaders to run their GB companies.
Thank God that He is a God who provides. Ask Him to specifically send passionate, godly leaders to those
GBs in need of leaders.

Please pray for the leadership of all our GB companies. Ask God to unite them together and for
encouraging fellowship among them. Ask God to give them wisdom and guidance as they plan their
programme for the new year. Thank God for their dedication to the work of GB and for their passion to
helping girls Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.

Please pray for those GB members who are hurting and ill at this time. For those who have been
bereaved pray God would comfort them at this very sad time and they would know His peace that passes
all understanding. For those who are sick (young and old alike), pray for wisdom for the medical staff
that are treating them and ask God to be very near to them. Pray for His healing on their bodies and for
treatment to be a success. Pray they will know His presence deeply and pray for their families as they
support them.

For the national leadership of GB and the Office Bearers, together with all our Captains and Officers, give
a lot of their time to serve God through GB. Pray He will guide them and give them great wisdom. Pray
for courage for times when difficult decisions need to be made and pray above all that He will impart on
them His vision for GB.

Please pray for all the staff in GBHQ as they work to support our GB companies and resource them as
they minister to the girls. Ask God to give them creativity as they work and for strength and energy
during this very busy time in HQ.

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