Prayer Points Jan 2020

January 2020

Please use the prayer points below to guide you as you pray for GBNI.

Monday: Under 5s and Explorers

  • Give thanks to God for all the Under 5 and Explorer girls who come along to GB each week.
  • Pray the girls would form good relationships with the leaders and other girls. That they would know from an early age what it feels like to be part of the family of God.
  • Pray for the parents of our Under 5s and Explorers, that God would speak to their hearts as the girls share with them the stories they are taught in GB.
  • Ask God to give them an understanding of His Word as they hear it each week and to give the leaders wisdom to explain to the girls how they can apply it to their lives at such a young age.

Tuesday: Juniors
  • Thank God for all the Juniors who belong to GB.
  • Thank God for their enthusiasm and for all the unique gifts He has given them.
  • Pray for them as they work through their Scripture Course, that they would be challenged and inspired by the life of David and that God would help them to apply what they are learning to their own lives.
  • Pray girls would be transformed and changed through His Word and would come to faith.
  • Pray for those girls who are facing hardship eg. family issues, illness, bereavement, bullying and school work pressures.
  • Pray they would know God close to them and that from a young age they would be taught to turn to Him for help and hope.

Wednesday: Seniors and Brigaders
  • Thank God for all the Senior and Brigaders who come along to GB week after week.
  • Pray God would help the leaders to use every opportunity to share the Gospel and that girls’ lives would be transformed and they would come to faith.
  • Pray for the girls working through the Psalms Scripture Course that God would be speaking to them and helping them to understand how they can apply His Word to their lives.
  • Pray for those girls who are struggling with their identity, self-esteem, or stress.
  • Ask God to give the leaders wisdom and discernment to identify who those girls are and to offer them support and prayer.
  • Pray for those girls who are working through the WALK WITH ME mentoring resource. Pray they would grow in their faith and confidence as they pray and explore the Bible with an older Christian.

Thursday: Helpers, Officers, Captains
  • Thank God for all the leaders, Officers and Captains who serve God so faithfully each week.
  • Thank Him for their passion for Him and GB.
  • Pray for those who are discouraged that God would speak to them and give them joy and hope.
  • Pray as they inspire their girls to Seek, Serve and Follow Christ that they would be able to also do this in their own lives.
Friday: GBNI District Executives and National Leadership
  • Thank God for all the time and commitment that our national leadership give to GBNI. For all the sacrifices they make and for how they are such great ambassadors for Girls’ Brigade.
  • Pray God would strengthen them and give them wisdom, discernment and guidance as they make decisions and lead the organisation.
  • Pray God would enable and equip them as they lead nationally but also as they continue to lead in their own companies.
Saturday: Past Members
  • Give thanks to God for all our past members who have invested so heavily in GB though the years.
  • Pray God would provide opportunities for them to remain involved in GB to pass on their faith, wisdom and encouragement.#
  • Pray for all those who are ill or bereaved, that God would be their comfort and strength
Sunday: GB life
  • Thank God for the strength of the GB family and the fact that girls come to faith in Girls’ Brigade.
  • Pray for unity among every GB family, that God would unite the leaders and envision them as a team for what He wants to do in their GB company.
  • Pray for those companies that are struggling eg. lack of leaders, low number of girls, bereavement, sickness.
  • Ask God to provide for their every need whether that be provision of more leaders, girls, finance, peace, comfort, wisdom.
  • Pray for displays and parent’s nights approaching.
  • Pray that the leaders will enjoy the preparation and still have time to witness to the girls.
  • Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel to parents and family members and that God would bring transformation.

Other Prayer Points