Prayer Calendar October 2020

October 2020

We hope and pray that you are keeping well in these strange times.
The first month of the company specific prayer calendar has been issued, we are looking forward to remembering each individual company in prayer.  If your company is featured this month, please feel free to forward specific prayer points that staff can use in the daily prayer meeting.
Last year we gave ideas on ways we can pray for each other, please see the list below:
GB Companies:

  • Give thanks for the church
  • Praise God for his provision of this company
  • Pray for the church leadership
  • Pray for the company leadership
  • Pray for the girls – their faith, their family, their education, and their friendships
  • The company finances
  • Pray for the Captain/Correspondent – for wisdom, time management, support
  • Pray that God will help everyone involved in that company to better know how to ‘Seek, Serve and Follow Christ’
  • Outreach opportunities – for girls and their families who have no other connection to church.
We can also be supporting each other in prayer as we navigate restrictions, GB online and the challenges that also brings.
If you are aware of any other way we can be supporting your GB in prayer, please email us.

A copy of this month's prayer calendar has been emailed to every company Captain, however, you can download a copy in the Leader’s Section of the GBNI website in Scripture Resources/Prayer Resources.

Other Prayer Points