Prayer Points Nov 2018

November 2018

Praise God for......

MONDAY: Grace Bestowed

Praise God for the grace He has bestowed on each one of us.  Praise Him for His great plan of salvation that sent His one and only precious Son from the glory of Heaven to our sinful earth to graciously redeem all who would come to Him.  Praise Him for His graciousness to you personally – for your salvation and personal relationship with Him.

Pray for others you know, within your family, among your friends or girls within your company – that they too
would have a personal understanding and experience of God’s grace.  That they too, would come to know Jesus as their own and personal Saviour.  Each day, this week and beyond, let us praise and worship our great God for His great grace toward mankind.

TUESDAY: Generous Blessings

Praise God for the generous blessings He gives each day.  Thank Him for His compassion and His mercies that are ‘new every morning’. From rest and refreshment of sleep, to health and strength to get up in the morning.
From the warmth and comfort of your home, to the food you set on your table.

From the job you have to go to and the work you can do, to the family and friends you love to spend time with.
From God’s beauty and power in creation, to His love and justice at the cross.  From His precious promise of eternal life, to the privilege He gives us of serving Him.  Pray that we would be more aware of God’s blessings, both great and small, in our lives and may we learn ‘in all things’ to give thanks.  The songwriter suggests ‘10,000 reasons’ – let’s start counting our blessings.


Praise God for the Bible – His Word which He has given to us so that we might get to know Him better and know His will for our lives.  Thank Him that we can freely read His Word in our own language and may we daily take advantage of this privilege.  Pray for those who share God’s Word with others on a daily and weekly basis whether it be from a pulpit, an assembly hall, a classroom, a home or within a GB Bible Class.  Pray that those who hear it, including the girls within our companies, would be drawn to our Saviour and have a desire to read the Bible for themselves.  Pray for those who prepare teaching materials to make the Bible easily understood by children and adults alike that they might know His wisdom and guidance. Pray for the girls and leaders as they study their way through this year’s Scripture Course and the ongoing work on the GB Scripture Course for next year.

THURSDAY: Girls’ Brigade

Praise God for the 125 years of influence Girls’ Brigade has had around the world.  As we remember the past and the humble beginning of the organisation we thank God for the vision He gave those founder members.  Thank Him for His faithfulness over the years as it has grown into the worldwide organisation we know today.  As we celebrate the present, may we praise God for the many girls within our companies and the opportunities we have to impact their lives for good - giving them Godly role models to follow and an opportunity to share God’s love with them through His Word and our lives and actions.  May our love for God inspire our girls to follow God’s plan for their lives as they become our future.  Pray that God, who holds the future, would sustain Girls’ Brigade and keep us ever seeking, serving and following Him.

FRIDAY: Giving Back

Praise God for our Captains, Officers, Sub-Officers and helpers within our Districts and Companies as they ‘give back’ to their communities through their voluntary service within GB.  Pray for them as they plan for each week and give of their time to serve our girls within, no doubt, already busy schedules.  Pray for the Executive Team here in Northern Ireland as they meet together and make decisions.  Pray for GB leadership at International Level too – that they may know God’s wisdom and guidance as they make decisions and plans.

SATURDAY: Going Beyond

Praise God for the building of the school in Karwa, Uganda that has already proved of great benefit to the
community there.  Praise God for funds already raised and pray for those who continue the effort to raise the
remaining amount needed to complete the project.  Pray for the teachers and children within the school, that they would not only get a good education in the curriculum but that they might also learn about God and come to know Him personally through Jesus.  Pray for the Fields of Life teams as they support the work in Uganda and for GB teams who are planning visits in the coming years.

SUNDAY: Great Boldness

Praise God for the privilege it is to come to Him in prayer.  Praise Him that He is interested in even the smallest
details of our lives. Praise Him that He promises to hear all our prayers and to answer them in the way that is
best for us, working all things for good and for His glory.  Praise Him that He acts as our ‘Great High Priest’ before the Father and calls us to ‘come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.’  Pray for those you know and those unknown, who are today, in need of God’s help and grace.  Pray for those who suffer for their faith and for those who stand for their Saviour.  Pray confidently and expectantly.  We serve an almighty God. Pray for great boldness.  As William Carey once said, ‘Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.’ Pray bold, then be bold for Him.

With thanks to Naomi Kerr, Officer in Lisburn Congregational and member of the GBNI Spiritual Team, for writing the above prayers.

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