Prayer Points Aug 2018

August 2018

A time of reflection

Remembering the past
Join with us in giving thanks to our awesome God for how He has used Girls’ Brigade throughout the years
to reach thousands of girls with the Gospel. Pray for those women and girls who have been touched
through GB, that God would continue to help them to grow in their faith.

Pray for all of our past members of Girls’ Brigade. Thank God for them and ask God to bless and honour all those leaders who took time to invest in the girls in their care. Pray God would continue to encourage
them in their faith and use them in service to Him.

Celebrating the present
Give thanks for all our girls and for the work God is presently doing in their lives. Pray that as they
prepare to come back to GB this year, that it would be a significant year for them on their journey of
faith. Ask God to bless the Scripture material this year that will be used with the girls, that His Word
would speak clearly to them.

Please pray for all our Captains and leaders as they prepare for the 2018/19 session. Thank God for their
commitment and dedication to their roles in GB. Ask God to guide them as they plan their programmes
and give them inspiration.  Pray for those companies who are struggling through
lack of leaders. Pray God would provide more leaders who would love the girls and be prepared to invest
in them.

Pray for our new GB companies starting in September.  Give thanks for those who have stepped out in
obedience to open the company. Ask God to bring girls to the companies who need to hear the Gospel
and who need positive role models in their lives.  Ask God for wisdom and discernment for the captains
for any difficult decisions that need to be made.  Pray for team unity amongst all of our leaders as
they lead our girls to seek, serve and follow Christ.

Please pray for all our 125 celebration events happening this year. Pray for the staff and teams in
their preparation for the events. Pray for safety for all the girls and leaders who will attend and pray
that they will have much fun as we celebrate our wonderful organisation.

Give thanks for our partnership with Fields of Life and the school that is being built in Uganda. Ask God
to bless the fundraising efforts and to provide funds so we can support the school and continue to leave
a legacy in Uganda. Ask God to bless all the teachers and children of our school and to help them reach
their full potential.

Pray for our GBNI Executive and Office Bearers and thank God for their faithfulness and commitment
as they take on the responsibility of leading the organisation. Give them wisdom and guidance in
their decision making.

Please pray for the staff in GBHQ as they work with our membership to resource our companies. Ask
God to guide and equip them so they can support, encourage and provide all that our leaders need to
help the girls seek, serve and follow Christ.

Inspiring the future
Pray for our organisation that it will grow from strength to strength. That God will help us listen to
Him and guide us as we navigate the new strategy for the years ahead. Pray God would give those in
decision-making responsibilities wisdom, guidance and inspiration.

Pray for protection over Girls’ Brigade as we serve God in these days. Ask God to help us stand up for
truth and the Gospel and to give us a boldness and courage to always remain steadfast to the vision of
the organisation and more importantly, His Word.

Pray for our future leaders of the organisation that God would be preparing and equipping them and
helping them to focus and cultivate a relationship with Him that will enable them to lead the
organisation forward in the years to come.

Other Prayer Points