GBNI Explorer Art Competition Results 2019-20

16th December 2019

Massive congratulations to all the girls that took part in the Explorer Art competition.
The following girls are the top winners from the competition, followed by a list of Highly Commended.  View our Photo Gallery to see the winning pieces of work.
216th NI Church of God Glenmachan -Annie Francis
109th NI Fisherwick Presbyterian -Ellie Ward
77th NI Strean Presbyterian -Chloe Leinster
77th NI Strean Presbyterian -Cora Kelly
106th NI Ballygowan Presbyterian -Katie McClements
106th NI Ballygowan Presbyterian -Emma Hamilton
369th NI Kilmood -Kate Green
252nd NI Balteagh Presbyterian -Lucy Loughrey
84th NI Second Castlederg Presbyterian -Mia Hamilton
263rd NI Garvagh -Lucy Holmes 

The following girls achieved Highly Commended in the Explorer Art competition:
109th NI Fisherwick Presbyterian -Emerald Borghmans
109th NI Fisherwick Presbyterian -Jessica Packman
109th NI Fisherwick Presbyterian -Eryn O'Shea
16th NI Seaview Presbyterian -Nicole Burrows
16th NI Seaview Presbyterian -Beth Thomson
42nd NI Ballygomartin Presbyterian -Ellie McClurg
42nd NI Ballygomartin Presbyterian -Mollie McKee
42nd NI Ballygomartin Presbyterian -Trinity Edgar
77th NI Strean Presbyterian-Anna Harris
297th NI West Church Presbyterian Bangor -Rebecca Winter
297th NI West Church Presbyterian Bangor -Niamh Croft
297th NI West Church Presbyterian Bangor -Rachel Lloyd
87th NI Lissara Presbyterian -Lucy Watson
87th NI Lissara Presbyterian -Carys Gill
106th NI Ballygowan Presbyterian -Leanna Piggott
106th NI Ballygowan Presbyterian -Rachel Gabbey
106th NI Ballygowan Presbyterian -Hannah McClements
136th NI Raffrey Presbyterian -Harriet Colgan
136th NI Raffrey Presbyterian -Ellie Martin
290th NI Clough Presbyterian Downpatrick -Ella Tormey
369th NI Kilmood -Kaitlyn Shaw
369th NI Kilmood -Carla King
369th NI Kilmood -Erin Prior
369th NI Kilmood -Jennifer Chambers
369th NI Kilmood -Tilly McDowell
369th NI Kilmood -Faith Johnston
172nd NI Legacurry Presbyterian -Rebekah Shane
205th NI Epworth Methodist -Isla Quinn
205th NI Epworth Methodist -Sophie Proctor
211th NI Abbey Presbyterian Monkstown-Grace Turner
211th NI Abbey Presbyterian Monkstown-Emily Paul
211th NI Abbey Presbyterian Monkstown-Sophia Givens
211th NI Abbey Presbyterian Monkstown-Pennie Lowry
226th NI Mossley Parish -Rosa Desano
226th NI Mossley Parish -Caris McKeown
281st NI Belfast City Mission Rathcoole -Jessie Phillips
281st NI Belfast City Mission Rathcoole -Roxanne Ferguson
19th NI Carrickfergus Methodist -Poppy Steele
19th NI Carrickfergus Methodist -Mia McCallister
153rd NI Craigy Hill Presbyterian -Naomi Hill
153rd NI Craigy Hill Presbyterian -Jessica Hilslop
162nd NI Ballynure Presbyterian -Harriet Lewis
162nd NI Ballynure Presbyterian -Emily Weatherup
275th NI Ballylinney Presbyterian -Rebecca Crabtree
275th NI Ballylinney Presbyterian -Mila Henderson
275th NI Ballylinney Presbyterian -Olivia Davidson
367th NI Ballyclare Presbyterian -Ella Ferris
367th NI Ballyclare Presbyterian -Sarah Pollock
220th NI Castledawson Presbyterian -Hope Foster
220th NI Castledawson Presbyterian -Emily Bradley
247th NI First Clough Presbyterian, Ballymena -Emily McBurney
247th NI First Clough Presbyterian, Ballymena -Hollie O'Hagan
125th NI Leckpatrick Presbyterian -Darcy Russell
125th NI Leckpatrick Presbyterian -Lia Kennett
125th NI Leckpatrick Presbyterian -Mia Magee
125th NI Leckpatrick Presbyterian -Chloe Young
125th NI Leckpatrick Presbyterian -Olivia Shields
170th NI Magheramason Presbyterian -Zoey Orr
170th NI Magheramason Presbyterian -Abigail McMorris
252nd NI Balteagh Presbyterian -Sophia Ferris
252nd NI Balteagh Presbyterian -Grace Haggah
252nd NI Balteagh Presbyterian -Ella Donnell
252nd NI Balteagh Presbyterian -Emma McDonald
252nd NI Balteagh Presbyterian -Katie Miller
308th NI Banagher Presbyterian -Lily Ann Rosborough
308th NI Banagher Presbyterian -Sarah Haslett
84th NI Second Castlederg Presbyterian -Aimee Morrison
84th NI Second Castlederg Presbyterian -Amy Hume
84th NI Second Castlederg Presbyterian -Lily Roulston
84th NI Second Castlederg Presbyterian -Scarlett Clarke
295th NI Letterbreen Methodist -Elizabeth Elliott
372nd NI First Castlederg Presbyterian -Abbie Rose Funston
372nd NI First Castlederg Presbyterian -Kacey Magee
236th NI Armoy Presbyterian -Rona McAlonan
236th NI Armoy Presbyterian -Jessie Smyth
263rd NI Garvagh -Nia Andrews
263rd NI Garvagh -Ellie Boyd
263rd NI Garvagh -Lilian Hutchinson
263rd NI Garvagh -Zara McAleese
263rd NI Garvagh -Lacey Dougherty
274th NI Terrace Row Presbyterian -Emilie Bucklee
304th NI Mosside Presbyterian -Holly Kane
304th NI Mosside Presbyterian-Hannah McCormick
304th NI Mosside Presbyterian -Ellen Calvin
58th NI Banbridge Road Presbyterian -Jessica Wilson
58th NI Banbridge Road Presbyterian -Beth Millar
58th NI Banbridge Road Presbyterian -Scarlett Mackey
180th NI First Antrim Presbyterian -Jessica Bickerstaff
238th NI Lylehill Presbyterian -Lacey Harbinson
238th NI Lylehill Presbyterian -Jessica Kelly

The Activities Team would like to thank Suzanne Forsythe for setting the Explorer Art work and for adjudication.
All company art work is ready to collect form GBHQ.
Please get in touch with Emma T if you have any questions.