fruit of the Spirit - patience

“I am sure that God keeps no one waiting, unless He sees that it is good for him to wait.” C. S. Lewis

So let me start by asking you a question, what are you waiting for? 

Decisions about your future, based on exam results … for your friend who is running late to meet you for a coffee… for someone you have liked for a very long time to notice you… for your dinner to be ready because you are in a rush out … or for the traffic jam to clear up! 

Waiting is never easy! I have been on a massive journey with God about waiting over the last 4 years, my journey isn’t over and when I look back along the path that I have travelled the biggest thing that I see myself tripping over time and time again is PATIENCE, or to be precise my lack of it! 

Living in an online world, where everything in instantly accessible, hasn’t done us any favours in learning how to be more patient. Within a few minutes and a couple of clicks you can have; a whole new wardrobe ordered, a favourite takeaway ordered to arrive at your house within half an hour, breaking news alerts, living your life out for the world to see what you are up to on live streaming and have access to all your fav celebs via social media! The world is literally at our finger tips! 

Lately, I have been challenged in my patience in the everyday things such as arguing with my sister, the internet not being quick enough and I’m sure like many of us, the unknowns of COVID, waiting on life to get back to normal, answers to what’s happening within our work places and being able to hug friends and family and so on are have all been definitely taking their toll!

So in the middle of unpredictable circumstances and lots of noise around us smothering our patience and constantly increasing our need/demand for instant answers! 

One thing that I have found helpful is to practice being still… 

The start of Psalm 46 v 10 says this “Be still and know that I am God.” As I think about this I am reminded that all through Jesus’ ministry, as we read in the gospels, how he always took time out, away from the crowds, his disciples and the noise all around him to be on his own with his heavenly Father! 

As I have been thinking about this and how frustrating life has been lately, I have found myself needing to step away, take a deep breath and be still.

Do you have a place where you like to escape to and helps you feel especially close to God? 

I have been really missing and pining for time at the beach and over the last couple of weeks I have managed to find time to make it to the beach to be still with God and have felt my impatience get swept away. 

I have always loved being at the beach, but lately on my journey with God I have realised, more than ever, the reason why I love being at the beach is because it is the one place where I know I can get away from all of my everyday life distractions, for a while, and it is where I feel closest to God. Just being there… feeling the sand and dipping my feet in the water, looking out to where the sky meets the sea calms me and helps me to be still in the presence of God! Over the last number of months, I have taken time to appreciate creation and the beach holds a really special place in my heart. During my time at the beach, as I look out at the ocean, listen to the waves and look up in to the sky, I have found God reminding me that he is in control. So, with everything going on at the minute, and whatever escalates your impatience, I would encourage you to go somewhere you love! Spend time with God and let Him remind you that He is in control and don’t let your impatience take you away from being still with Him!

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