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Youth Achievement Awards

The Youth Achievement Awards and Youth Challenge are an activity based approach to peer education. They encourage young people to progressively take greater responsibility for selecting, planning and leading activities that are based on their interests.

Young people work with their peer group on this and in this way develop a variety of life skills as a result.  Aimed at young people aged 11-25 the range of awards offer a flexible and fun way of accrediting the personal and social skills of young people engaged in informal learning: in youth clubs, schools, colleges, youth offending services, training providers and voluntary and community sector organisations such as Girls' Brigade.


Through the Youth Achievement Awards our young members can get credit for stuff they already do at GB.  The Awards are accredited and we have had girls attaining Bronze and Silver Awards so far in GBNI.  ‘The girls have enjoyed immensely the different challenges, and the Brigaders are also finding the fact that they are accredited useful for their personal statements for UCAS.

Companies have found the award relatively uncomplicated to run within the current GB Company structure, with the required evidence for each challenge straightforward to collect.

Some of the challenges undertaken recently are:

  • Hug in a Mug
  • Company Display
  • Drill
  • Jewellery making
  • GBNI Scripture course


The Levels

  • Bronze - about participation 
    Girls complete 4 challenges 
  • Silver - about taking on a little responsibility 
    Girls complete 6 challenges 
  • Gold - taking leadership responsibility
    Girls complete 7 challenges plus a presentation


NB 1 challenge = 15 hours input

For further information on how to run the Youth Achievement Awards, please go to Awards in the Leader’s Section.

If you would be interested in running The Youth Achievement Awards in your GB company, please contact training@gbni.co.uk