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GBNI Youth Forum for girls aged 16-25 to encourage youth led decision-making within the organisation!

'We're not keeping this to ourselves, we're passing it along to the next generation - God's fame and fortune, the marvellous things He has done.' Psalm 78:4 (The Message)

What is GEMS?

Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland is committed to delivering effective, inclusive youth work and recognises the way to do this is through youth led decision making. GEMS, launched in 2008, is GBNI's youth participation group. This a chance for our youth from companies all over NI to be involved in what happens in GB. GEMS stands for Girls Empowering Mighty Servants. We want girls to empower each other to participate in the decision making within GBNI so that you can become mighty agents of change in God's Kingdom.

Have you ideas on events, badgework, uniform, competitions, attracting new members?  Then email gems@gbni.co.uk 



Girls' Brigade GEMS are committed to:​

  • Reaching out to girls with the Gospel;
  • Following the motto of Girls' Brigade - to 'Seek, Serve and Follow Christ' in everything we do;
  • Listening to the voice and opinions of our girls in order to empower mighty servants;
  • Actively assisting the leadership of Girls' Brigade as they seek to extend His Kingdom; and
  • Creating opportunities to meet new sisters in Christ for fun and fellowship.


Youth Participation

Every girl and young woman between 16-25 years of age is part of GEMS.  There is also a core GEMS Team where each district can appoint two District GEMS Representatives aged 18-25 to look at issues that affect our youth and influence the decision-making of GBNI.  Furthermore, our GBNI Executive Team can appoint up to three young women aged 18-25 who apply to act as an Executive Youth Representative on the GBNI Executive Team.


GEMS Youth Forum Meetings

A time when members can share what is happening in their teams and districts, but also a time to be encouraged in what they do and to get spiritually refreshed.  At these meetings any youth rep can gather feedback on a variety of issues which they can take back to their Teams and Districts.  

Come along to a meeting – email gems@gbni.co.uk for more information of meeting dates, venues and agendas. 


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Reaching Out

The Youth Forum will look for new, effective ways to communicate with all girls in GBNI to assess their needs and opinions.  Social media will play a big part in this.  GEMS has it own Facebook page and an online youth blog for young women.  leaders can encourage young women to 'like' the Facebook page and regularly visit the blog to get spiritual encouragement plus stay up to date with what is happening within the GB family.  Girls can use these spaces as an avenue to share their views on any GB issues and these will be passed on to their youth representatives.

Contact us

If you want more information about GEMS:
  • Email gems@gbni.co.uk;
  • Contact your District GEMS representative;
  • Give GBHQ a ring on 028 9454 8054; or
  • Leave us a comment on our blog.

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