Pre-order Scripture Course Update

7th June 2022

Great Big God Part 2

Update: We are required to give the printers final numbers as soon as possible after the deadline date of 13th June.  In order to reduce waste and cost there will not be a large number of overstock ordered.  Please ensure if you wish to order the course that you do so as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  Many thanks.

Dear Friends,

As we all know life has been and continues to be very difficult for us.  These past two years of COVID has had a detrimental effect on all of us, from the youngest to the oldest.  We recognise this pandemic is far from over. The war in Ukraine has not only disturbed us on our television but has entered our very lives with the cost of living increasing.  I am sure you, like me, now know several people who have the dilemma of heating or eating.

Along with these global tragedies, we can be sure many of our girls and Officers are going through personal difficulties at home, school or in the workplace.  It is at such times, it is so important that we know and share the one and only God.  As God himself tells us, He makes himself known to us in general ways through His creation, but specifically through this Word, the Bible.  I believe it has been through His guidance that we have been studying His attributes last year and this coming year.  As the most precious diamonds need to be mined, so it is always worthwhile spending time and energy studying God’s character.

Can I encourage you, last year was the heavy lifting as we looked at the characteristics that only belong to God. Tough as it was, it was good to remind the girls that God is all powerful, all knowing and is sovereign over everything. COVID, this war and our personal problems are not too big for such a God.

The Scripture course this year will be looking at the characteristics of God which we have the privilege to share, His love, patience, grace, mercy, wisdom, faithfulness and goodness etc.*  (please click here for details on the lesson plans)

We would like to encourage all who put in the hard work of last year to finish off this important study of our gracious God.  This will help our girls and Officers to trust in the one who never changes and will always be with us.**

If you have never used our Scripture courses in the past.  This year is a wonderful time to start as you can help the girls receive a firm grounding in what we believe as Christians.

God bless,

GBNI Chaplain

*Please see order form for the details of the products provided for each section.
*An A4 poster will be included with every Under5s’ Sticker Sheet
**Although this is the second part of a two year course, it has been written in such a way to allow use as a stand alone one year course.  Girls do not need to have completed year one to be able to use the resource this year.
Place your Scripture Course order via the GBNI Shop or by downloading our order form from the Bible Teaching folder in the Leaders' Section and returning it to the GBNI Shop by the deadline date, Monday 13th June.

Any queries regarding the course, please email Lesley.

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