The Gideons International

18th October 2018

Over the past two years, volunteers working with The Gideons International have been visiting GB companies and have presented New Testament scriptures to each girl in the Company Section.

The Bible consists of the New Testament and Psalms in the NIV translation. The cover is in camouflage blue with the GB crest clearly visible. 

There are still a number of GB companies that have yet to avail of this complimentary gift.  As it is our 125th Anniversary year, how lovely would it be for every girl that attends Girls' Brigade in Northern Ireland to have a copy of God's word at home and that lives would be transformed by the Holy Spirit through the reading of His word.

If you would like to request a visit from The Gideon International, please contact Shirley Hall direct on  Give plenty of time as the Bibles need to be ordered and printed prior to their visit.

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