New Display Ideas

17th October 2018

Are you stuck for Display ideas? Check out the Display Section in our website to see if there is something that fits your theme. Or maybe you are overflowing with great ideas from display items you have used in the past and would be willing to share them with other GB companies. If you have a script that we could share, please email it through to and you could see your ideas on our Leaders' Section.

Recent News

GBNI Closed for Easter

17 April 2019

GB Headquarters will be closed over Easter.  Check here to see our opening times.

Shop Log in problems

20 March 2019

We are currently experiencing some issue with checking out orders on the shop and are working to get this resolved.

GEMS are now recruiting

15 February 2019

Are you aged 18-25, passionate about GB and want to be a mighty servant for God? Then consider becoming an GBNI Executive Youth Representative!