Programme Resources and Training Day

1st June 2019



Co Antrim



It will also be an opportunity to speak to representatives from many different organisations about how they can help your GB company- maybe by coming in to run some sessions for you. And finally it will be a time to learn more about particular subjects at our 4 exciting workshops!

There will be 4 workshops running on the day and each leader can attend 2 of these workshops. The options of workshops are as follows- 

  • SEN: How to include girls with Special Educational Needs, 
  • Technology:How to use the technology equipment available from GBHQ 
  • Crafts 
  • Cookery/Baking

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Camp Training Day 2

Event Date -

This camp training is to raise awareness in organising a GB Camp and considering all aspects of safety and general welfare of the girls and leaders whist away from home.

Training includes:

  • GB Camp guidelines
  • Key tasks for preparing for camp
  • Other relevant guidelines  & procedures 
  • Awareness of keeping children & leaders safe 
  • Practical issues involved in running a camp 
  • ideas for camp worship and programme