New Captains' Seminar

24th October 2019

Workshop for new GBNI Company Captains

Camp Training Day 1 - 01.02.20

1st February 2020

This camp training is to raise awareness in organising a GB Camp and considering all aspects of safety and general welfare of the girls and leaders whist away from home.

Training includes:

  • GB Camp guidelines
  • Key tasks for preparing for camp
  • Other relevant guidelines  & procedures 
  • Awareness of keeping children & leaders safe 
  • Practical issues involved in running a camp 
  • ideas for camp worship and programme

REC First Aid Course

7th February 2020

First Aid course specific for leaders undertaking DofE Expeditions 

Self-harm Mental Health Workshop

12th February 2020

This workshop covers an introduction to self-harm in young people including information on:

Direct Self-Harm and Indirect Self-Harm

Reasons young people self-injure

Feelings associated with self-harm

Indicators of someone possibly self-harming

Cycle of self-injury

Managing Strategies

How should leaders respond when confronted with self-injury?


CPW 9 Child Protection workshop

13th February 2020

Child Protection workshop -  D4 Strean Presbyterian

CPW 10 Child Protection workshop

25th February 2020

Child Protection workshop -  D13 Scarva Street Presbyterian