District Junior Dodgeball

21st February 2020






District competitions are to be held between Friday 21st February and Saturday 29th February 2020.  The top two teams from each District will go forward to the NI Final, on Saturday 14th March 2020  (at Lisburn Racquet Club. Lisburn)

You may enter up to two teams to compete in the above competition.  Payment must be made at the time of booking.   Please note that all payments are non-refundable.  

Small companies only
Any company wishing to enter a team but has insufficient numbers in that section may combine their girls with another company within their district who also has insufficient numbers in that section to enter a team. Only one
team may be entered as a combination of the two companies and must be registered as such at the time of booking with GBHQ. The formation of the team is at the discretion of the two companies. This one team must carry through the whole competition.

The Junior dodgeball rules and information are available to download from https://gbni.co.uk/leaders/resources/competition-event-resources.

Visit our 'What's On' calendar in the Leaders' Section for details on individual district venues, dates and times.

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