Seasons Change!

This weekend the clocks will go forward, spring is here and I am ready for those long summer nights!!!!!! Yes, I can hear the song from Grease in my head as I write this. 
Where are you at? As you sit and read this, what kind of a season are you sitting in?
Are you thinking and worrying about the future, what will my exam results mean? What course will I get on at University? Are you about to finish your degree and have no idea what comes next? What are the plans that God has for me?
Are you feeling excited that God knows the plans He has for you (Jeremiah 29v11) even if that means not knowing every detail yet?
Are you going through hard times with friends/family wondering where God is in the midst of hurt and suffering?
Are you enjoying accountability and fellowship with friends and family, no matter what the circumstances, knowing that God holds you by your right hand and says don’t be afraid (Isaiah 41v13)?
Are you struggling with your identity right now? Maybe you have chosen to come off social media for lent, but the real reason behind that decision is that it’s not helpful for your self-esteem and you’re struggling to find your worth and value in God?
Are you thinking about the fact that your identity is not of this world and trusting that God does not make mistakes and tells you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139v14)?
There are seasons of big questions, struggles and not understanding what is going on.  We cry out to God asking him where He is and seek comfort and strength from Him.
Then there are seasons of joy; life can be going good and all the pieces of the puzzle slot into place. We can easily forget that this should be a time of resting in God’s presence and growing in our relationship with Him.
In the midst of every season we have one constant hope, God is there, no matter what!
With losing an hour this weekend, think about how much time you are spending with God no matter what season you are sitting in!
Emma Trueick

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