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Senior Section Badgework (ages 11 - 13 : Year 8 - Year 10)


The Senior Programme is based on a GBNI programme resource called the 'PSALT files' (Practical and Spiritual Applications for Living Today).The PSALT files was first issued to all companies when launched in 2002 and then was revamped in 2014. Both versions are available to view and download in the leaders' section of this website. The New (2014) PSALT Files are also available to purchase from the GBNI Shop.

Example topics

  • Spiritual: GB Scripture Course, creative worship, lifestyles.

  • Physical: Dance, exploration, sports.

  • Educational: Addiction awareness, crafts, drama.

  • Service: Crime prevention, first aid, helping charities.

Senior Circle Award

Senior Circle Award

Seniors are awarded a circle, presented for the completion of 4 subjects, 1 from each section of the PSALT programme, in Spiritual, Physical, Education and Service.  This would normally take 1 Brigade year. There are 3 Circle Awards, each distinguished by the number of segments:

Circles are presented in sequence. A girl in her first year in the Senior Section will work for her 1st circle, regardless of age. For example, if a girl joins GB at age 11, she will work towards her 1st Senior Circle. In the same way, if a girl joins GB at age 13, she too will work towards her 1st Senior Circle.

A certificate may also optionally be awarded on the successful completion of individual topics; Spiritual, Physical, Educational, and Service. Company captains can purchase these from our walk in shop at GBHQ.  They can also be ordered from our online shop in the GB Publications & Resources/ Certificates section. . 

Wearing Senior Awards

Click here to download a diagram of where to wear GB awards on armbands.

Seniors wear their awards on an armband, worn on left sleeve of sweatshirt in Ceremonial Uniform.  Senior circles as gained are placed directly below the Junior circles.  The Open Bible Award, if attained, is placed below the most recent attendance brooch.

  • The Blue Senior Section badge is worn on the sweatshirt, below the company title.
  • The Centenary badge, if applicable is worn on the sweatshirt at the point of 'V'.
  • The Endurance Award, if applicable, is worn on right side of sweatshirt.

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