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GBNI girls aged 16-25 are all GEMS!

What is GEMS?

Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland is committed to delivering effective, inclusive youth work and recognises the way to do this is through youth led decision making. GEMS, launched in 2008, is GBNI's youth participation group. This a chance for our youth from companies all over NI to be involved in what happens in GB. GEMS stands for Girls Empowering Mighty Servants. We want girls to empower each other to participate in the decision making within GBNI so that you can become mighty agents of change in God's Kingdom.

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Girls' Brigade GEMS are committed to:

  • reaching out to girls with the Gospel,
  • the motto of Girls' Brigade - to 'Seek, Serve and Follow Christ' in every thing we do,
  • listening to the voice and opinions of our girls in order to empower mighty servants,
  • actively assisting the leadership of Girls' Brigade as they seek to extend His Kingdom, and
  • creating opportunities to meet new sisters in Christ for fun and fellowship.

Youth Participation

GBNI Youth Forum – for all girls in GB aged 16 – 25.  Come along to a meeting – email for more information of meeting dates, venues and agendas. 

GEMS Youth Forum Meetings

A time when members can share what is happening in their teams and districts, but also a time to be encouraged in what they do and to get spiritually refreshed.  At these meetings any youth rep can gather feedback on a variety of issues which they can take back to their Teams and Districts.  GEMS will not run any independent events or produce resources.  Instead they will take their ideas and proposals to the existing GB teams who will action any plans and suggestions. 

Reaching out

The Youth Forum will look for new, effective ways to communicate with all girls in GBNI to assess their needs and opinions.  Social media will play a big part in this.  

GBNI Executive

There are up to three places for young leaders aged 18 – 25 on this team.  Your current youth reps are: 

Danielle McAllister
Nicola Watson
Danielle McAllister
Joymount Presbyterian
Nicola Watson
Hillsborough Presbyterian GB

GBNI Teams

There are 2 places on each of the following teams for young leaders aged 18 – 25: 

  • Activities
  • DofE
  • PE
  • Programme
  • Queen’s Award
  • Spiritual 
  • Training 

Email to volunteer for one of these teams or speak to your District Office Bearers to find out how you can represent your District.  Megan Noble

GB Europe Executive

There is one place for a young leader aged 16 – 25 on the GB Europe Executive which meets 3 – 4 times per year in either England, Scotland or Northern Ireland.  This position will be filled by the GEMS Youth Forum members.    Megan Noble is currently the youth rep for Northern Ireland. 

District Youth Reps

There are 2 places for young leaders on each of the 15 District Executives in GBNI.  Volunteer at your District meeting to be this person! 

Why you should get involved... according to your youth reps.

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We want to hear what you think about how we are doing.

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